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Cason puts Steel into a head scissors while Scrappy punches his abs at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Steel vs Cason with Scrappy - Bodybuilder Battle 112

$ 34.88

Can Cason conquer all?

Steel is warming up on the mats with Scrappy, his official opponent for today.  The bodybuilder looks pumped and ready to destroy in a revealing yellow singlet.  Scrappy looks as aesthetically perfect as ever in his skin tight red & blue trunks.  Scrappy is feeling confident – “Gonna make Steel my bitch!”  Steel isn’t impressed.  “Nope, that’s not ever how it goes.”  The two musclehunks show off their muscle, each trying to eclipse the other.  Steel flexes his MASSIVE quads – he’s rightly proud of them and their deadly squeezing power has won him a lot of matches!  Steel tells Scrappy to get on his knees and worship his muscle – when Scrappy refuses, Steel decides instead to punish Scrappy and the match begins!  Steel right away gets behind Scrappy, lifting him up in a rib-bruising rear bearhug.  Scrappy is thrown to the mat, but he covers up with trash talk, telling Steel “they should change your name to tin foil!”  Scrappy sneaks behind the bodybuilder and slaps on a sleeper – but Steel lifts him up onto his shoulders, his delts ramming up into Scrappy’s midsection!  Steel plants his foot on Scrappy’s chest, flexing in his dominance.  Suddenyl, Cason enters from off-camera and gets in Steel’s face – seems he can’t wait any longer to see how he stacks up against his buddy!  “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”  Cason and Steel go pec to pec, shoving each other and jockeying for position.  Holy **** - Cason is actually making Steel look small!  Cason issues a challenge and Steel readily accepts!

The two musclegods lock up, but Steel uses his experience to get behind Cason, slapping on the same rear bearhug he punished Scrappy with!  Cason was not expecting that and he falls to the mat – but Steel doesn’t give him a moment to recover, pulling Cason’s head up between those dangerous quads for his signature Standing Headscissor!  Steel takes the hold down to the mat, but he’s not ready for his buddy to submit just yet!  Steel releases the hold and the two get to their feet.  They lock up again, but this time Cason gets a Full Nelson on Steel, his height giving him an advantage as he muscles Steel’s head down to his pecs!  Steel tries to flex out, but Cason’s got it locked on TIGHT!  And just when things are looking bad for Steel, Scrappy comes back and starts firing shots into the bodybuilder’s abs!  Has this just become a two-on-one?  Cason throws Steel to the mat and flexes his incredible physique, before clamping a dragon headlock on his prey!  Scrappy again interferes, raining blows down on Steel’s exposed midsection.  Cason flexes his bicep around Steel’s neck, choking the musclestud – Steel goes down!  Cason is nowhere near done, grabbing Steel’s huge legs and turning him over in a BOSTON CRAB??!!  There aren’t many who can do that!  Cason keeps the crippling hold on, pulling back harder and harder until Steel has no choice but to tap out!  Scrappy steps back on the mat, beating down on the prone Steel, but Cason doesn’t need any help – he grabs Scrappy by the neck and throws him off the mat before lifting Steel up and carrying him around the mat like a baby!  Scrappy interferes again – he’s beginning to really annoy Cason!  Steel has NEVER been manhandled like this – Cason hoists him over his shoulders for squats, and uses Steel’s own favourite hold against him!  And when Scrappy gets involved once too often, Cason takes him out too!  Mayhem ensues as Sparrow and Iceman18 come to Steel’s aid!  Will it be enough to derail the juggernaut?  Can Cason be stopped?  Find out for yourself!