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Loki vs Dom9 - Ring Wars 107 aka Christmas Chaos 2022

$ 20.00
$ 31.59

Loki whips Dom around in a full nelson, but Dom counters with a chicken wing and goes straight to trying to fight dirty! "You grabbing dicks yet!?" Dom goes for a ball claw and Loki is not having that! He flips Dom into a chicken wing of his own, but Dom flings Loki over his shoulder like nothing! Dom goes straight for a pin and Loki kicks out. Needing to wear Loki out more, Dom lifts Loki up in an excruciating and long chest to chest bearhug! Dom claims Loki gave up but Loki lunges up and gets Dom in a bearhug! Dom yells in pain and begins to slowly pass out until Loki throws him on the mat!

Dom is not going to be outdone by Loki and tries another ball claw. Loki grabs Dom by the wrists and slams him into a schoolboy pin before flexing in his face. Dom shows an amazing display of power and fights up into a test of strength with the massive Loki! Both bodybuilders fight against the ropes making the other struggle to in pain! Who will win the test of strength showdown?

Loki viciously SLAMS Dom into the turnbuckle and climbs up. He leaps off the turnbuckle but Dom  CATCHES 220 LBS LOKI MID-AIR! Now Loki is trapped in a tight bearhug and Dom is on fire! But Loki has some moves still up his sleeve! He takes Dom to the corner and locks in a headscissors. Dom stands up with Loki on his shoulders but Loki locks in a figure four and Dom goes down! Is Dom choked out and finished?

Loki goes for the pin to finish the match, but Dom breaks out and is not done fighting. The action is intense from the start. Every inch of the ring is used while both bodybuilders go toe-to-toe. Who will come out on top in this special feature?

Download Today and find out! One thing you can say is...the big boys are back!