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body builder in a head lock

Ludwig vs Duke - Christmas Chaos 2018

$ 15.00
$ 31.59

'Twas the Night before Christmas...
It’s that time of year again when the snow is falling, Santa’s getting ready for the longest delivery route ever, and the wrestlers at Thunder’s Arena are in the mood for some festive fighting and frolicking!
Get ready for Christmas Chaos 2018!
It’s midnight in the Thunder’s Arena house and whilst the mice might not be stirring, Ludwig is! The musclestud is gulping down coffee, getting ready for a long-awaited rematch against Duke! His opponent enters, wearing tight blue trunks. Ludwig scoffs “I heard you got those in the ladies department, is that true?” Duke brushes the insult aside, eager to get the match underway. Ludwig decides to make Duke wait a bit longer and goes to the sofa for a power nap. The two recall their previous match, with both saying they came out on top. Duke starts to compare physiques, stating that he’s in “way better shape” than Ludwig. “My arms are bigger than last time, my legs are bigger and I’m leaner!” Ludwig is unimpressed “You’re like a little girl Barbie. Now let me sleep.” Duke challenges Ludwig to an Arm Wrestle, but finds himself hopelessly outmatched by Ludwig’s thick arms and powerful muscle! The German musclestud slams Duke’s hand down again and again, leaving no doubt as to who is the stronger! Duke protests, claiming it was unfair as he is ‘cutting!’ Ludwig flexes his arms, showing off his pumped biceps. Duke can’t resist feeling Ludwig’s muscle and can barely get his hands around the bulging biceps! The two compare muscles, flexing biceps, pecs and abs suddenly Ludwig grabs Duke’s head and pulls him into a side headlock! “I bet you missed being squeezed by me!” Having given Duke a preview of what’s in store, Ludwig lets him go and compliments Duke on his legs. Duke looks down, flexing his quads and enjoying the attention. Oh Duke fool you once, shame on Ludwig, but fool you twice?! Ludwig gets behind the smooth superstar, trapping him in a choke hold! Ludwig works Duke, but the bodybuilder has other ideas as he goes for a low blow right in the baubles! Ludwig collapses in pain as Duke seizes the advantage, dragging his foe to his feet in a front face lock. Duke goes to humiliate the bodybuilder, stripping him of his trunks! Ludwig is left in a tiny and oh so tight yellow brief! What were you saying about Duke’s trunks, Ludwig? Duke slaps on a bearhug before pushing Ludwig down to the sofa and raining blow after blow to his midsection! Duke is relentless as he batters Ludwig’s abs, adding a Bauble Claw for added agony! That’s too much for Ludwig he lashes out, his hand closing around Duke’s throat for a chokeslam to the sofa and it’s time for some payback! Ludwig pounds on Duke before hauling him up into a rear bearhug! Duke suffers, but he’s not ready to submit yet. He gets free and clamps on a bearhug of his own, but Ludwig is ready with a facelock. Ludwig towers over the prone Duke, his abs glowing red as Rudolph’s nose from the earlier battering! Ludwig poses, but Duke wants none of that “Stop flexing, wrestle me.” Duke fires a shot into Ludwig’s crotch talk about a Nutcracker! The big man crumples to the floor as Duke mounts him for a Schoolboy Pin, flexing over the trapped stud before dragging his head into his waiting thighs for a crushing headscissor! But Ludwig gets free with a low blow of his own! Ludwig seems distracted by Duke’s bounteous butt Duke takes advantage of Ludwig’s diverted attention, lashing out with an inspired UPSIDEDOWN HEADSCISSOR that has Ludwig getting an up close and very personal view! With one submission each, the battle is far from over! Bearhugs, ball claws, chokes and much more one stud cries out and BEGS for MERCY! Will Naughty or Nice win the day? Only one way to find out! Give yourself a happy holiday and get this match today!