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Loki vs KaSee - Vegas Battles 73

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

An interrupted meal leads to a world of PAIN in this battle for most powerful! Prepping for his upcoming show, the newly shredded Loki sits on the couch trying to eat as Kasee grabs his bicep calling his muscles fake and puffy. His blood boiling, Loki sets down his food ready to teach Kasee a lesson. A flex off has both wrestlers comparing size. "Most powerful, sexiest, biggest dude here!" declares Kasee CHARGING in for a clothesline but hits Loki's rock-hard wall of muscle crumbling to the mat. "I'll show you power!" threatens Loki lifting Kasee in a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug carrying him around with one arm. Groaning in pain, Kasee is slammed down as Loki pins him to the mat with his foot flexing then drags Kasee into a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "Not the neck!" pleads Kasee; his eyes rolling back in his head as he struggles to hold on. The veins in Loki's arms nearly explode as he yanks back harder and harder SMASHING Kasee's face into the mat! Dazed, Kasee struggles for air powerless to move as the dominant Loki sits on his back and flexes. Angry, Kasee gets up and jumps on Loki's back for an attack but is dropped with an over-the-shoulder takedown. "Still think you're more powerful?" mocks Loki lifting Kasee in a fireman's carry SHAKING him across his boulder shoulders as Kasee screams in pain and is taken down. Barely to his knees, Kasee strikes with a vicious low blow. Loki collapses onto Kasee's shoulder and is carried around before being SLAMMED to the mat. "Cheap shots!" groans Loki as Kasee climbs the couch trying for a bodysplash, but Loki moves out of the way. Back on his feet, Loki reaches between Kasee's legs picking him up by his groin as Kasee begs for mercy and is taken down for an arm-breaking chicken wing. Desperate, Kasee STUNNERS Loki to the ground nearly knocking him out. Couch cushions go flying as Kasee bodysplashes Loki from the couch and delivers another low blow. Slow to get up, Loki unleashes his power with UPSIDE-DOWN belly to back bearhugs and wraps Kasee in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. "Ahh my head!" screams Kasee as the dominant Loki flexes his rock-hard quads tighter and tighter leaving Kasee barely breathing. The battle for most powerful rages on as a grueling Boston crab, fireman's carry, leg sleeper, and overhead presses leads to a SHOCKING end!