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Marco vs Clark - No Holds Barred 95

Marco vs Clark - No Holds Barred 95

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Marco walks in expecting a normal wrestling match. Clark, the king of muscle worship, has different plans! He can't stop staring at Marco and is so distracted that he calls Marco - Mark. Marco says BIG difference between himself and the 250lbs Mark Muscle! Clark starts rubbing Marco's body. Marco is ready to go, and this match is on!
Marco puts Clark in a TIGHT full nelson then transitions to a rear bearhug.  He takes Clark down and straddles him, pinning him to the mat. Clark begins MUSCLE WORSHIPPING Marco's chest and arms while he flexes. "I see you didn't come here to wrestle," says Marco. Clark BALL CLAWS Marco and breaks the hold. 
They lock up again, and Marco picks Clark up in a fireman's carry. Even on his shoulders, Clark can't get enough of Marco's body and MUSCLE WORSHIPS him more! Marco commands Clark to kiss his bicep. Instead, Clark BALL CLAWS him to release the hold. Marco returns the favor and BALL CLAWS him back. Strangely, Clark seems to like his balls being clawed, so Marco does it AGAIN then throws his victim to the ground. He puts Clark in a standing head scissor then a CRIPPLING sleeper. "I'll choke you out and smash your balls!" He puts Clark in a side headlock. "You gonna play nice?"
Marco CRUSHES Clark in a rear bearhug then BALL CLAWS him taking him down to the mat. He STOMPS his abs, straddles Clark's face with his balls, pinning him down.  Clark breaks away and gets Marco in a bodyscissor. Marco escapes and rolls him up in a pin. "I'll be gentle!" The veteran ball claws Clark again with TWO HANDS demanding a tap. He refuses. Marco straddles Clark and commands to be muscle worshipped! He gut punches then takes Clark down in a full nelson then a sleeper/body scissor. 
Clarke puts Marco in a full nelson. "You gonna wrestle me or muscle worship me?" Marco says. Clark lays on top of Marco pinning him to the mat. He tells Marco to tap, but he refuses. Clark climbs on his back and YANKS on his neck. He does a crossface, but Marco escapes. Marco puts Clark on his stomach and does his own crossface. Marco then plays dirty and FISH HOOKS Clark's face and PULLS his hair, demanding he scream and tap! Clark is forced to submit. 
Clark wakes up and KICKS Marco in the balls. He stands on Marco's abs flexing for the camera. "Stay down!" commands Clark. He straddles Marco then gut punches him demanding a tap out. The loser is scissored then rolled up in a small package for the 1-2-3 count! That's not good enough though. The winner applies a KNOCK-OUT sleeper hold putting their opponent to sleep for good! Will Marco get the win, or will Clark defeat his enemy and end in another MUSCLE WORSHIP session? Buy this match to find out!