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Cody Nelson vs BamBam - Bodybuilder Battle 29

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Cody Nelson and BamBam are the same size and weight and both are excellent wrestlers. BamBam starts out with the upper hand and is quickly tossing Cody around. He picks him up and carries him around, dropping him into an over the knee back breaker. Cody takes the punishment for a bit, then comes back at BamBam with a reverse bearhug. He drops him onto the mat, pins him down and starts punching him. Both of them seem to love punching the other as they trade punches back and forth throughout the match. They drag each other around the mat in headlocks, throwing each other down on the mat repeatedly. Along with the punches, they dig into each other with pec claws. The name of the game in this match is pain. Boston crabs and camel clutches lead to body scissors and armbars as they take turns trying to make the other submit. These guys are relentless and you won't believe how much pain they both can take.