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Loki vs Connor - Custom Video Series 163

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Big Loki 220 lbs vs Newest Little Guy Connor @ 5'6" and 130 lbs

Connor saw Loki checking out his wife so he approaches him to insist that he stop. Connor is very meek in Loki’s presence and mumbles something that Loki can’t hear. After Loki slaps the taste out of Connor's mouth he tells him “Speak up, wimp! Connor finally wimpers out..“Stay away from my wife. I see how you look at her. She’s mine.”

Loki is done entertaining this weak man telling him what he can do! He snatches Connor up into a fireman's carry and bounces him around crushing his ribs! Loki grabs Connor into a full nelson making the smaller man yell in agony as he thrashes him around the ring. The whole time Connor is saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please stop. Just forget it.” But Loki gets rougher and rougher with Connor. After smashing Connor into the mat repeatedly, Loki starts to pose and compare his muscles with his small victim. He makes Connor admit Loki's muscles are superior to his and his wife would want Loki more.

Loki tortures Connor using a long and agonizing chest to chest bearhug! Connor can barely stay conscious! Loki throws Connor into the turnbuckle and stretches his legs on the ropes exposing Connor to a brutal series of kicks to his balls! Connor can do little to fight back against the far more powerful Loki. 

Connor is begging Loki not to take his wife and to stop beating him up, yelling that Loki is hurting him. Loki completely humiliates Connor verbally while he dominates him physically and shows off his superior physique. Loki lets Connor know that he is going to take his wife home and he can do nothing about it or he will beat him even more! Once Loki feels he has thoroughly beaten his wimpy opponent in the ring, he slams him into the ropes and chokes the life out of Connor. Connor fades slowly and painfully as Loki easily takes another man's wife. 

EXTRA 5 MIN. SURPRISE ENDING where Dom9 jumps in to help set the record straight!  How he does it will shock and awe you!