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Specimen coupe Boston crab submission hold vicious torture

Specimen vs Coupe - Battlespace 59

$ 34.75

Bodybuilder Coupe makes his return to Thunders Arena and takes on big, intimidating Specimen. Unfortunately for Coupe, the match becomes a display of Specimens ability to dominate an opponent. With vice like bear hugs, over the shoulder carries done with ease, body scissors with his tree trunk legs, powerful full nelsons, headlocks and repeated punches to Coupes ribs during holds, cocky powerhouse Specimen reduces Coupe to submission with ease. After one submission, dazed Coupe says Holy crap you are strong! When Specimen gets big Coupe in an over the shoulder carry, Coupe asks Is this easy for you? Specimen tells him Yeah, pretty easy while flexing his huge arm. At over six foot, Coupe is no small guy, and hes got plenty of muscle. But his tall, muscular body is just no match for big, tough Specimen. After punishing Coupe with a painful Boston crab, Specimen struts around the mat taunting Coupe, saying, Come on. You gotta do something. Specimen is relentless as he manhandles Coupe, putting his foot on Coupes back, pushing him to the mat and telling him to stay down. When the two do some posing, Coupe foolishly claims that hes got better abs than Specimen. The two trade gut punches to see who can take more and Specimen easily dominates the competition. As the match draws to a close, Specimen puts Coupe in a long torture rack while walking around the mat. Coupe gives, but brutal Specimen keeps him in the rack for a good long time, enjoying his domination of the older body builder. When Specimen finally decides hes owned Coupe long enough, he finishes him off with a sleeper. You dont see many matches where one big muscle guy totally dominates another. You will want to see this one.