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Coupe vs Frank the Tank - Bodybuilder Battle 18

$ 31.25

Special Notice from the producer...
This match was filmed by a camera man who did not realize that he had hit a switch on the camera that had turned off the sound. So this match was filmed with no sound. To make up for that we have had Cameron Mathews and Coupe come back into our studios and offer up their commentary, which we recorded live as they watched and reacted to seeing this match for the first time. We hope you enjoy the Cameron Mathews & Coupe commentary.


This is an amazing match between two of our best bodybuilders. Frank really wanted to put Coupe in his place because he has no respect for guys who are all cut up and not thick bodybuilders. Where as Coupe may be shredded in his muscle definition he was not afraid to take on Frank's thick size and power. Coupe's plan was to use great wrestling technique to bring the big man down. Still Frank power is displayed overwhelmingly in this match. You would think that Coupe is some 98 lbs. weekling in certain places. The power Frank has to just pick people up and crush them in his bearhugs and/or body scissors is amazing. Coupe does get a few good licks in on Frank with an amazing head scissors and few other surprise holds. While we did lose the original audio on this match you will laugh a lot listening to the guys talk about this match. Plus the visuals are stunning to see two great bodybuilders tear into each other on this level. We know you will enjoy this match!