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Cason vs Scuba - Rough & Ready 147

$ 34.75

The action is INTENSE from the start! Fans of REAL, intense wrestling this is for you!

Scuba puts up a fight but Cason controls the action. Experience and strength put Scuba in his place. Cason locks in a full nelson and a brutal head scissors cutting off Scuba's neck! Scuba's face gets beat red, but he refuses to tap out! Cason goes to a figure four to make it EVEN TIGHTER! Will Scuba already have to tap out this early? 

The action continues and Scuba drops Cason down with a bearhug! A body scissors from Scuba keeps Cason from getting up. Cason fights, but Scuba gets a rear sleeper and will not let go! Cason uses his power and must break out. He does and pins Scuba down rolling him up into a small package. Sweat starts to pour out of both muscle hunks and Cason forces Scuba to get on his knees! Scuba will not stop trash talking and comparing his muscles to Cason. This pisses Cason off and he lifts Scuba off the mat into an over the knee backbreaker. Cason takes his frustration out by giving Scuba a vicious ball claw! 

Scuba fights dirty right back! He uses a low blow and Cason drops to the mat. Scuba takes over the match using full nelsons, sleeper holds, figure four locks, and gut punches to keep Cason on the mat! When Cason gets off the mat, a series of SWEATY, INTENSE BEARHUGS will keep your eyes glued to the screen!