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Hurricane vs Smash - Custom Video Series 180

$ 25.99
$ 31.59

Hurricane basks in the Florida sun while Smash plots his own adventure. With a water bottle in hand, he approaches the muscular, new wrestler. Little does Hurricane know, Smash has spiked his drink! Convinced by Smash, Hurricane agrees to face him on the wrestling mat. In the initial tie-up, Smash is able to endure Hurricane's full strength in a tight full nelson. Despite Hurricane's bear hug, Smash's endurance holds strong while Hurricane tires. As Hurricane begins to falter, Smash unleashes a barrage of gut punches with brute force. Collapsing to his knees, Hurricane is trapped in Smash's sleeper hold. Though he fights, Hurricane ultimately succumbs to Smash's power.

Hurricane is feeling the effects of Smash's perfectly executed game plan drugging him to weaken him to win! Smash grows more and more confident as Hurricane becomes weaker and weaker. Smash uses every submission and painful move he can think of on Hurricane! Will Smash's plan to take on the newest Thunder's mass monster work? Download today and see! With each move, Hurricane's confidence wavers while Smash's grows stronger and more fierce. As the Thunder's newest monster, Hurricane is in for the fight of his life against Smash's strategic game plan and unrelenting attacks. Download now to witness the ultimate battle between these two titans!