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Big Sexy vs Dakota - Custom Video Series 09

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

If you like the long count out, with a guy out cold on the mat, this match is for you. You will see it over and over again in this match. Big Sexy is trying to nap when Dakota disturbs him to ask if he knows where Mr. Mike is, so he can ask a question about his contract. Not surprisingly, Big Sexy is annoyed that he has been disturbed, but also incensed that Dakota even has a contract. So he tears it up, telling Dakota that this is what people want as he flexes his big arms and mocks Dakotas body. Dakota comes right back with his own trash talk and challenges Big Sexy to a match. It's not long before shirts and shorts come off, leaving Big Sexy in bikini trunks and Dakota in square cut. The wise cracks and trash talk subside as these two get down to some intense wrestling, with lots of head locks, leg scissors and sleepers. Big Sexy gets the first count after delivering a vicious pile driver to Dakota. But Dakota comes to and administers a few solid gut punches to Big Sexy, followed by a few shots with his knee. Big Sexy is down for the next count. This goes back and forth over and over as each one of these big tough muscle gods counts the other out, with lots of cocky trash talk thrown in. But will someone get the ten count and be the champ? In the end, one of them does and he's not humble in victory. You will want to see the final domination by one of these handsome, powerful studs over the other.