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Dakota vs Atom - Mat Rats 44

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Dakota enters to find Atom on his mat. When told to leave or else, Atom mouths off, Id like to see that and Dakota tears into him with a headlock, bicep bulging around Atoms neck. Atom fights back with a head scissors which Dakota escapes and turns into a painful Boston Crab where more insults and trash talk is hurtled back and forth. The pair trade off with your mom insults before Dakota settles into a series of front headlock flip slams. Dakotas assault doesn't stop and he puts Atom into the first of many sleepers. If you like Sleepers, this match is definitely for you. Atom regains consciousness only to be put into an over-the-knee backbreaker where Dakota fights to submit him. A second sleeper results in Dakota using Atoms limp body as a marionette while humiliating him by using Atoms own hands to slap himself awake. Atom strikes back with an upside down backward bear hug and the two struggle back and forth with bearhugs before Atom puts Dakota in a full nelson. In a massive surprise turnaround, Atom gets Dakota into a crucifix where you swear his ribs are going to break. Dakota yells out , I don't even know what this is, but its certainly not comfortable. before Atom finally gets to return the favor and puts Dakota in a sleeper. When Dakota wakes up, he goes into a ruthless attack with six back to back clotheslines. Will Atom survive to continue the fight or will he be knocked out from all the clotheslines. Watch the match, to find out.