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Deadlock vs Smash- No Holds Barred 241

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Smash and Deadlock tie up on the mat worshipping and sizing up their opponent's muscles. Smash goes straight for the bearhug lifting Deadlock off the mat and squeezing the air from his body! A series of bearhugs have both men exhausted and falling to the mat where the match continues! Deadlock and Smash fight for position on the mat and Smash finds himself on top. He pulls Deadlock's arms back and nearly rips them out of socket with his foot planted firmly in the middle of Deadlock's back!

Smash, now in control, stands up to give Deadlock his praises, but all he can get out is "You know you do look gre..." before Deadlocks reaches up and hits Smash with a low blow sending him to the mat! Smash plants his glutes right on Deadlock's chest and sits down flexing talking trash! Smash stands and lifts Deadlock up cradling him until dropping him into a brutal over the knee back breaker! Adding more pain, Smash stands and locks in a standing head scissors and Deadlock is starting to fade away!

Smash has the upper hand until Deadlock decides he needs to fight dirty! Low blows and ball claws lead Deadlock's onslaught. Smash is now having a hard time defending against Deadlock. Deadlock is pinning and grinding Smash into the mat while Smash is losing strength!

Back and forth bearhugs and submissions will have you excited as the end draws near! Smash feels like he is in control but Deadlock is ruthless! He drags Smash's face across his abs and keeps a confident Smash thinking he has the control..but who is really in control when this one ends? Download NOW and find out!