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Cason vs Destroyer - Bodybuilder Battles 119

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

A yoga lesson goes HORRIBLY WRONG as these muscle titans try to rip each other apart! Cason flexes for his fans as The Destroyer mocks his weak attempt, "I look like a man; you look like a kid. They don't want to watch a kid posing!" The behemoth flexes totally eclipsing Cason from the camera's view, "I show you guns!" The vet is not intimidated, "I'm lean bro! You're size doesn't mean anything here, alright big boy!" Out of nowhere, The Destroyer surprises the "kid" with two brutal SNAPMARE TAKEDOWNS! Cason clutches his aching back as the giant yanks his hair, "I want you to kiss my biceps. Stand up pussy cat!" "Screw you!" A quick knee to the ribs has the muscle giant doubled over in pain giving him a taste of what's to come. Both muscle titans lock up with neither giving an inch in the intense struggle! "You big monkey!" Cason connects with another vicious knee and SLAMS the behemoth back first into the wall! The Destroyer is dazed leaving him wide open as blow after blow damage his impenetrable abs; his hulking frame crumbles to the mat in pure agony! "Get up! Show off that gut!" Incredibly, Cason is able to FULL NELSON the muscle monster but struggles to keep it locked in. The Destroyer finally flexes out wrapping his powerful python around Cason's throat taking him down in a sleeper! "Who is the small guy?" The giant plants his foot on the vet's back and YANKS on his arms! Cason groans under the tight pressure, "Reminds me of yoga. Namaste b****!" Somehow, he escapes the torture and starts teaching the giant a yoga pose. "Want me to show you my favorite yoga trick?" The Destroyer lifts Cason in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug, "That's The Destroyer's yoga! Lesson 1: How to destroy this little kid!" Cason gasps for air powerless to escape and collapses to the mat. His face is pure torture as his abs and groin are CRUSHED under the 250 pounder's foot! The Destroyer flexes in victory taunting Cason as he writhes in pain, "Is that all?" "I'm just taking a break!" A vengeful vet struggles to his feet taking the giant down with another knee to the ribs. "This dude's massive; muscle is muscle. Yours is bigger, but it's soft!" Cason unloads on the behemoth: forearm blows, CRIPPLING Boston crab, a vicious sleeper! "Stop it!" The Destroyer begs for mercy barely escaping before passing out. With the giant weakened, Cason decides to poke fun at the behemoth, "Are you just jealous I have more hair than you?" The Destroyer sees red, and all hell breaks loose! "Yoga Lesson 2: Don't talk crap!" SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, clotheslines, chokelifts, you won't believe what happens next!