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stomach punch

Destroyer vs Frey - Custom Video Series 90

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

This was a special custom video the person wanted, 

" Destroyer and Frey on the mat. First half of the match has Destroyer dominating Frey. Second half a frustrated Frey dominates Destroyer with a number of long held ab claws some standing and some where Destroyer is on his back and where Destroyer finally submits."  This custom video is a big deal for fans of repeat claw holds!  

This 30 minute Ab Claw match is so INTENSE; a 250lbs giant will be begging and pleading for the pain to stop! The Destroyer flexes and poses his mountainous frame as Frey imitates from behind. "Why you got a shirt on? Are you joking. Take your shirt off!" "I'm good. I haven't started my diet; I don't know if I'm gonna compete." "I'll start your diet now!" Destroyer claws Frey's abs dropping him to his knees and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "How does that feel?" The vet struggles to breathe but is let go. "Show me your double biceps. That's all? Look at this!" The Destroyer's wingspread barely fits in the camera's view as he pec bounces his mounds of muscle! Small talk is over as the giant headlocks and ab claws his victim so tight he can barely stay conscious. "I'll show you how to fly. You wanna be Superman?" The Destroyer CHOKELIFTS Frey then drops him down crushing his chiseled abs with his foot! "You're not that heavy!" mocks the vet as he starts doing crunches. "Making fun huh?" The behemoth delivers a skull-crushing head scissors and HAMMERS his back with forearm after forearm, "You give up? Who is the king?" Frey can barely move as The Destroyer picks him up across his gorilla size chest and drops him into an over-the-knee back breaker! The vet groans is pain as his back is stretched to it's max and slammed down! "Now the fun starts!" The Destroyer delivers a BONE-SHATTERING body scissors and chokes the vet with one hand! Frey is pulled to his feet struggling to catch his breath then JUMPS on the back of the human size refrigerator. "I'll show you how to squat. That's how you build your muscles!" The giant LAUNCHES Frey across the mat, claws his abs, and delivers a vicious SURFBOARD! "How does that feel?" Frey recovers and prepares for a comeback, "He's gonna learn. He's pissing me off! I'm retiring soon, and I'm not going out like that!" The vet CHARGES in ab clawing the giant and tosses him down to the mat! "You wanna grab abs?" Frey ab claws and pounds The Destroyer over and over as he cries out in pain stomping on the mat to escape. "Stop it!" "Let's see how much you can take!" Frey locks in a standing head scissors and claws the beast's abs barely letting him breathe between squeezes. "Stop it!" "Say you quit, and I will!" The behemoth refuses as Frey crushes his abs with his foot, "This is payback! Come on, I'll help you up!" Incredibly, the vet picks up the 250 pounder across his chest and drops him into an over the knee back breaker clawing and ELBOWING his abs, "Not so strong are you now? Two for one!" The Destroyer can barely stand as Frey BEARHUGS him from behind crushing his already damaged abs. A brutal ab stretch, shoulder barges, knees to the ribs, back breakers, and more ab claws than you can count, who will be left standing?