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wrestler in a boston crab

The Destroyer vs Blayne - Mat Rats 111

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

The match begins mid-action with Blayne being CHOKELIFTED by the 6'2" Turkish giant The Destroyer and dropped to the mat! "Who are you? You're like a boulder!" moans the vet struggling to his feet. "I am the muscle god!" Blayne jumps on the beast's back locking in a sleeper, "You're gonna choke me!" He SQUEEZES the hulk's neck as hard as he can, but The Destroyer feels nothing slamming him down! The vet tries a hammerlock WRENCHING the behemoth's arm back with all his might, but the beast just laughs at his feeble attempts, "nice try skinny guy!" Blayne changes strategy deciding to topple the 260 pounder going for his legs but gets trapped in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! "How does that feel, my massive thighs!" The vet struggles to breathe under the power of his tree trunk quads and is let go. The Destroyer HAMMERLOCKS his victim to his feet; Blayne moans under the tight pressure and begins to worship the giant's gorilla size chest. "You like it?" "Yeah!" The muscle stud distracts the behemoth and tries a GUT PUNCH! Blayne's face is pure torture as his hand is crushed against his abs of steel. "You should spend more time in the gym. Where's all the muscle?" "I do. Sorry, I don't eat like a pig!" Blayne recovers, jumps on the giant's back, and tries taking him down with a DOUBLE PEC CLAW! The Destroyer feels no pain and begins squatting the 160lbs vet with ease. The muscle stud tries another leg takedown, but the giant is ready for him delivering a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "How does that feel?" "Like a thousand pounds!" Blayne's back is arched so tight it looks ready to break as he crumbles face first to the mat. The Destroyer is in complete control forcing his victim to worship and kiss his steel quads and bulging biceps. Blayne is submissive but secretly plans to bring down the big man. He tries to HEADBUTT the behemoth's pecs but fails and crashes to the mat, "Your chest is hard!" The muscle stud is dazed, stumbles to his feet, and tries more gut punches, but his fists bounce off the giant's impenetrable abs. The Destroyer wraps his powerful pythons around the vet in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug! "My ribs!" Blayne screams in pain collapsing to the mat; he can barely catch his breath before the dominant giant forces him back up. Blayne uses two hands, PEC CLAWS one of his beefy pecs, but can't even put a dent in the muscle monster! "Why won't it squeeze?" The Destroyer chokelifts his prey, drops him down, and CRUSHES him into the mat with his foot! "Close to 300 pounds on you! How does that feel?" Blayne screams in agony, "Like a fat person crushing the middle of my back!" "That's pure muscle!" The Destroyer wraps his bulging bicep around the stud's throat in a tight sleeper. His face turns white powerless to break away as he passes out! The behemoth flexes in victory as Blayne wakes up surprising the giant with a rear bearhug, but he feels nothing. The UNSTOPPABLE FORCE continues manhandling his victim: a fireman's carry, bearhugs, sleepers, a neck-breaking full nelson! Blayne has one final crazy plan left in his arsenal. Will it be enough to bring down The Destroyer?