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Diesel vs Jackson - Bodybuilder Battle 39

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Thunders Arena bags another winner with this entry in the Bodybuilder Battle series. This time strikingly handsome Jackson bites off more than he can chew when he helps himself to big bad Diesels stash of pinwheel sandwiches. At the Arena, stealing food is top of the no-no list. Only one thing can settle Diesel when hes riled up like this and that means carrying the pipsqueak to the mats for a little roughhouse. Diesels been gone away from the Arena for a year, and hes none too happy about the fresh-faced punk who's making himself at home there when he returns. Diesels got the solidest muscle-body on the block his torso looks like a pyramid standing on its head!and he knows how to showcase his brawn, at one point squeezing Jackson into a small package from a standing position! But wisecracking Jackson looks like he can take whatever Diesel cares to throw at him, foolhardily taunting the big brute even as Diesel ties him up in a Boston crab, then a bearhug, and then a vein-popping camel clutch. And Jackson doesn't mind taking a bite out of his opponent to escape a tight hold especially as that last sandwich begins to wear off. If you have a taste for whoop-ass, we think you'll find this match a satisfying treat. Diesel and Jackson redefine food fight. And the upshot of Jacksons little between-meals snack is good sweaty fun, which will almost certainly have you coming back for seconds!