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Diesel vs Rusty - Mat Wars 18B

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Rusty vs Diesel

Bodybuilder against bodybuilder in a battle over a blender. That's right I said blender. Rusty and Diesel were doing a photo shoot when later that night Rusty went to make his protein shake and discovered his blender was missing. Well you don't want to keep a 6 foot 240 pound bodybuilder like Rusty hungry after a hard day of lifting & modeling, it is a guaranteed way to put him in a BAD MOOD. Rusty yells at Diesel what happened to his blender, only to find out that Diesel broke it and has no intentions of fixing it or replacing it. Rusty, now feeling totally disrespected then just goes nuts attacking Diesel. Your classic scene of friends having a heated fight and becoming hated enemies over a broken blender....the battle is on! Rusty is a full 5 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than Diesel but that doesn't bother Diesel he's ready to fight and bring the big man down. This match is filled with lots of flexing, bearhugs, and mat work like cradles, camel clutch, and body slams. Rusty has 2 years of grappling experience and sorta goes a little roid rage against Diesel's pro wrestling experience. This match gets intensely personal and not for the faint at heart to watch. Huge angry screaming muscle heads with their dominating attitudes clash for control, you've been warned...