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Blayne and Joey King vs Dolf - Ring Wars 52

Blayne and Joey King vs Dolf - Ring Wars 52

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Allegiances, Alliances and Betrayal in the Ring!

This match literally has something for everyone.  You like your wrestlers to be pro-trained in boots, pads and trunks?  We give to you, Joey King.  Prefer them to be lean, clean and barefoot in skimpy trunks?  No problem – Blayne is here just for you!  Or what if you’re just into big ol’ muscleboys?  We’ve got ya covered on that one too – Dolf’s all yours!  And what if we put all three of them in the ring together…

The video opens on Blayne and Joey, already in the ring with Blayne asking that fateful question – “What are you going to teach me today?” Without missing a beat, Joey King says he should probably teach Blayne how to dress!  Ouch!  Joey is going to try and coach Blayne, who says he will listen to everything his coach says.  “Well, we’re going to find out” says Joey.  “You see that big mother f***er over there?  He wants to wrestle.”  The camera moves to reveal Dolf, looking bigger than ever, also bare foot and in baby blue trunks.  Joey and Dolf start, with Joey demonstrating a lock-up, driving the bodybuilder into the corner.  It’s Blayne’s turn, but he can’t even move the hulking Dolf – instead, Blayne finds himself thrown to the canvas!  He tries again, to no avail.  “I’m sorry” says Blayne. “I’m sorry SIR” says Joey!  Dolf and Joey lock up again, this time with Joey demonstrating the Full Nelson!  Dolf is utterly trapped, his MASSIVE arms waving around like a ragdoll in Joey’s grip!  Joey throws Dolf down in disgust – now it’s Blayne’s turn.  Blayne locks up with Dolf and spins round to apply the hold, but Dolf simply flexes out of it, tripping Blayne back to the canvas in the process!  Blayne tries again, but this time Dolf reverses and clamps a Nelson of his own on Blayne!  “Are you serious?” asks Joey as Blayne screams out in pain, trapped in the TIGHT hold!

Dolf and Joey lock up gain, with Joey executing a chain of holds on the musclehunk.  Blayne tries and again is overpowered!  Joey has had enough – he grabs his student by the hair, whipping him into the corner and battering his chest with vicious CHOPS and kicks!  Dolf takes adavantage of the distraction, grabbing Joey from behind and taking him down with a Leg Sweep!  “Hey Rookie, if you want to get back on my good side, help me out!”  Blayne responds to his coach with a dropkick to Joey’s abs!  Suddenly, just like that, it’s two-on-one as Blayne and Dolf take turns battering Joey in the corner!  The two start flexing for the camera, Dolf bouncing his pecs and flexing his HUGE biceps!  But Joey is a seasoned pro with quick recovery time – he sees Dolf and Joey are distracted and seizes his moment, pummelling Blayne and kicking Dolf to the canvas!  Joey goes after his former student, scooping him up and slamming him down in a NASTY over-the-knee backbreaker!  Joey poses over Blayne, but he’s forgotten about Dolf!

Allegiances shift and alliances are broken as each man turns on the other!  Bearhugs, chokes, sleepers, scissors, Boston Crab and so much more - in every combination!  Double Suplex on Blayne!  Who will be the last man standing?  Can Blayne overcome the odds and stand tall?  Will Dolf take advantage of Blayne’s betrayal of his coach?  Or will Joey claim the day and put the bodybuilder and the student away?  This one will keep you guessing right up to the SHOCKING finisher – UTTER DEVASTATION!