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Dolf vs Blayne - Ring Wars 32

Dolf vs Blayne - Ring Wars 32

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Blayne is back and this time he’s stepped into the ring with rising star Dolf!  “A short guy, like myself” quips Blayne.  “A lot bigger though!”  Never a truer word!  Right off the bat, Dolf demonstrates his superior power, a simple shove knocking Blayne all the way back to the ropes!  A flash of concern crosses Blayne’s face, but only for a second as he gamely locks up with the bigger stud.  Blayne manages to get the go-behind, lifting Dolf off the canvas in a rear bearhug!  Blayne grits his teeth as he squeezes Dolf with every fibre of his being!  Blayne drops Dolf to the canvas, but Dolf is back up again quickly, bouncing off the ropes and charging into Blayne!  Blayne is caught off guard as Dolf scoops him up, before savagely throwing him over his shoulder and down to the canvas!  Blayne clutches his back in pain as Dolf advances, dragging the smaller man up into a front facelock, his massive arms yanking up HARD against Blayne’s throat!  A suplex from Dolf has Blayne again clutching his back, but he’s not out yet and responds with a suplex of his own!  Blayne follows through with an arm bar and headlock on Dolf.  Sensing the big man is about to power out, Blayne switches to a body stretch hold, warping and bending Dolf’s arms and torso, adding in some gut punches for good measure!  Dolf isn’t going to submit to this though, so Blayne releases him and stands up, ready to lock up.  Dolf declines, suddenly rolling into Blayne and tripping him down, catching his leg in an ankle lock!  Blayne is in agony as Dolf cranks it harder, before rolling Blayne over onto his stomach for a SINGLE LEG CRAB, adding further pressure to the knee and new pain to his back!  Blayne desperately reaches for the ropes as Dolf flexes, but they are too far away!  Dolf is all smiles, revelling in his domination of Blayne – he knows he could get a submission with that hold, but he’s enjoying himself too much!  Dolf releases the hold and steps away, allowing Blayne to get back to his feet.  Blayne rises and turns around, right into a charging CLOTHESLINE from Dolf!  Blayne is bowled over like a ninepin!

Dolf is unrelenting as he drags Blayne up again, choking him first over the top rope, then over the middle rope, climbing onto Blayne’s back and using his own weight to make the choke even more devastating!  Dolf even bounces on the ropes to add yet more pressure – how much of this can Blayne take?!  A tight full nelson has Blayne trapped, his lithe body stretched and on display.  Dolf underestimates Blayne, allowing the smaller man to suddenly power out – whirling behind Dolf, Blayne twists the big man’s arm in a half nelson!  Dolf’s big arms aren’t meant to bend that way and his bicep and shoulder bulge with the strain!  In an amazing and unbelievable show of his own strength, Blayne LIFTS DOLF UP and slams him down over his knee in a backbreaker!  Dolf is actually screaming as his spine is bent backwards over Blayne’s leg!  Confidence surges in Blayne as he pushes Dolf off down to the canvas, knowing that he can damage the bodybuilder!  Dolf comes back hard and grabs Blayne’s leg, forcing him to hop off balance until Dolf sweeps his other leg out from under him!  Blayne crashes to the canvas, one leg still trapped in Dolf’s clutches!  Dolf folds Blayne’s leg down, mercilessly pressing down and stretching Blayne’s taut hamstring!  Dolf is going for the title of ‘Most Brutal Wrestler’ as he wraps Blayne’s leg around the bottom rope, trying to blow his knee out!  Gut bashing in the corner has Blayne reeling, but that’s nothing compared to the SPLADLE that nearly tears him apart!  Dolf puts Blayne through the wringer, but Blayne just keeps soaking it up and firing back with as good as he gets!  Back punishment, presses, headlocks, leg locks, low blows, arm locks, stomps – no quarter is asked for or given by either man!

Can Blayne eke out a win?  Or will the dominant force of Dolf claim another victim?  All of this builds up to a mindblowing, knockout finale that has to be seen to believed – a genuine “WTF” moment, never before seen at Thunder’s Arena, that will blow you away!  You really do not want to miss this one!