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Dolf vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 12

Dolf vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 12

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Finn McCool is a new trainee at Thunder’s Arena, with dreams of becoming a fully-fledged member of the roster!  With massive pecs and lats, Finn is clearly no stranger to the gym!  To help with his mat moves, Mr Mike has hooked him up with Dolf at his hotel in Vegas for some one-on-one tuition!

Dolf kicks things off with an arm lock, applying and teaching the hold to the young rookie.  Dolf goes through every detail of the hold, telling Finn what he’s doing and how he’s doing it.  Finn soaks up the coaching before trying it himself on Dolf.  Finn, in coloured trunks, proves a quick study, cranking the hold on!  Dolf follows up with the rear-naked choke, the Boston Crab and a Camel Clutch, again going through the full detail of each hold.  Finn proves to be an impatient student though – “F*** all these moves, I’m just gonna bearhug the s**t out of you!”  Big words from a rookie!  The young bodybuilder manages to get his arms around Dolf, locking them tight and squeezing for all he’s worth until the unthinkable happens – Dolf actually taps!  He’s not going to let the newbie get away with that though, slapping a rear bearhug on the unsuspecting Finn and lifting him high off the ground!  Finn has no choice but to give as Dolf’s muscular torso crushes the breath out of the rookie wrestler!  Finn fires straight back in with a side bearhug, again applying maximum pressure to Dolf’s ribs!  This has seamlessly gone from a coaching session to an ego-driven bearhug contest!

This has become a match as the two wrestlers lock up, with Finn pulling Dolf into a front face lock again bringing his crushing power to bear on Dolf’s neck!  Dolf sinks to one knee, but refuses to give – he manages to push back up, escaping the devastating hold and slapping another rear bearhug on Finn, lifting him high off the floor.  Finn is trapped in Dolf’s mighty arms, with no option but to submit to his teacher!  But Dolf makes a rookie mistake of his own as he switches his attention to the camera, flexing his massive biceps – Finn seizes the moment and lunges in for another vice-like bearhug!  Dolf can’t escape the rookie’s clutches and taps out, sinking to the mat.  This is not how Dolf planned on spending the evening!  Finn decides to do some flexing himself, his pecs and massive traps bulging as he poses.  Dolf catches his breath and rises, only to be met by another crushing bearhug!  Every muscle on Finn’s upper body bulges as he pours everything into the squeeze!  Finn then decides to switch things up, going for a full nelson, but Dolf is too powerful and experienced for that – he powers down into a most muscular, breaking the hold and punishing the upstart with a revenge bearhug of his own.

What started out as a friendly coaching session turns into a full-on bearhug battle!  One wrestler out to make a name for himself, the other fighting to avoid a humiliating defeat!  These two musclestuds trade hold for hold!  Can the student best the master?  Is Dolf in for a major upset?  Or is the rookie in for a hard lesson at the hands of the more experienced wrestler?  Get this match today to find out!