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Dolf puts Iceman 18 into an ankle breaker at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Dolf vs Iceman18 - Rough & Ready 106

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

It’s Chalk vs Cheese as Iceman18 takes on the mighty Dolf!

“Nice to meet you – what’s your name?”  So starts Iceman18, who likes nothing more than to run his mouth off and get under his opponent’s skin – but contrary to Iceman18’s words, Dolf is no newbie and people should DEFINITELY know who he is!  Dolf has left a trail of destruction in his wake, using his thick muscle and unquestionable skill on both the mat and in the ring to inflict pain and destruction on anyone who steps up.  Iceman18 has a few matches under his belt now, but will it be enough to withstand the power and skill that Dolf brings?

A handshake to start, but Iceman18’s attention wavers straight away – he’s more interested in showing off his arms for the camera!  Dolf matches him pose for pose, commenting on Iceman18’s choice of purple trunks.  “Yeah, the colour of royalty” replies the mouth.  “What about your blue trunks?  Isn’t blue the colour of submissive?”  Dolf responds with a body-crunching rear bearhug on the unsuspecting rookie!  Iceman18 can feel his organs shift as he’s hoisted high off the mat and squeeeezed in Dolf’s tight embrace! “Alright Blue trunks – I’ll give you that!” Dolf releases the hold and bounces his pecs for the camera.  Iceman18 seizes his chance, slapping on a rear bearhug of his own!  Dolf doesn’t give in, leaving Iceman18 no choice but to let him go – Dolf goes right back on the attack charging in for another bearhug, this time front on!  Iceman18 has no defence as he finds himself dangling in the air, being crushed and manhandled by the densely-muscled superstar!  Dolf moves Iceman18 onto his shoulder, ramming his delt up into Iceman18’s abs.  Dolf parades his prize around the mat, his glutes perfectly framed in his tight blue trunks.  Dolf dumps Iceman18 to the mat – “You like that?” Is he asking Iceman18 or the viewer?  Iceman18 shows the muscleman that he has a bearhug that is every bit as deadly!  But Dolf has a secret arsenal of MMA locks and holds that most are unprepared for!  After Iceman18 takes Dolf to the mat with a Full Nelson, Dolf strikes with a deadly ankle lock that has Iceman18 suddenly writhing in pain!  The trapped rookie flops like a fish out of water as he tries to take the pain!  “You give?”  Iceman18 is in agony, but refuses to submit!  A desperate kick to Dolf’s back frees Iceman18, but the damage is done – now Dolf has a target!  Iceman18 gets to his feet, massively favouring his ankle – he falls down, right into Dolf’s waiting thighs for a standing headscissor!  Dolf is famous for his thickly muscled quads, as Iceman18 finds out the hard way!  Dolf keeps up the attack with a rear naked choke, then goes right back to that ankle!  Iceman18 is in SERIOUS trouble as Dolf relentlessly attacks his prey – Iceman18 goes out!  Is Dolf satisfied?  What do you think!  He decides to wake Iceman18 up in the cruellest way he can – by stepping all of his weight on that damaged ankle!  Iceman18 comes to in a world of pain!  And Dolf just keeps homing in on that ankle!

Can Iceman18 find the strength to withstand the onslaught and make a comeback?  Can he upset the muscled mauler?  Or will Dolf’s power be too strong and his skill too great for Iceman18 to handle?  One things for sure – this is one that neither wrestler will forget for a long, long time!