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Dolf Marco Thunders Arena Vegas headscissors

Dolf vs Marco - Vegas Battles 06

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

While out in Vegas, Marco met fellow bodybuilder, Dolf. The two ripped and shredded athletes decided to head back to the hotel to compare physiques, where, in typical bodybuilder fashion, each man insists he has the superior package of lean muscle.  The two compare most muscular poses and side chest poses, still with each man insisting he has the better physique. As they move through ab shots and tricep flexes, they continue to verbally run each other down. It seems as if Dolf has the slight size advantage while Marco is just a bit more shredded, making things even more evenly matched. Tempers flare as the two shove each other out of the way to compare bicep poses. Dolf is the first to reach a boiling point, grabbing Marco in an impressive bearhug, hoisting him up off the ground and squeezing his lower back, as if to break him in half. Marco grunts in pain, demanding to be put down, as Dolf continues to show off, carrying him around the hotel is if he were weightless. Unrelenting, Dolf refuses to release the hold, marching dominantly around the hotel room with Marco trapped in between his massive arms. As Marco cries out in agony, he is forced to submit! As Dolf showboats and poses triumphantly, Marco grabs him from behind in a reverse bearhug, returning the favor and trying to squeeze the life out of Dolf. The granite hard Dolf prooves to be too much muscle to carry around, as Marco is forced to relinquish the hold. Dolf grabs a rough front facelock, squeezing Marcos head with his bulging biceps. Refusing to be put down twice in a row, Marco fights out, grabbing a side headlock and cranking on the skull of Dolf. Dolfs size and power again serves in his favor, as he fights out by scooping Marco up off the ground in a firmans carry, driving his massive delts into Marcos shredded abs, before releasing him to add insult to injury by posing more. The cocky young athletes engage in another posedown, before Dolf grabs Marco by the throat, lifting him high above the ground with a double choke lift. More posing leads to more brutality, as these to refuse to concede "best physique", with Marco grabbing a classic bearhug, this time expertly applied and unescapable. Not content simply evening the odds, Marco demands Dolf give up TWICE! Things are fas from over as the bodybuilders lock up in a test of strength, showing just how evenly matched they are. Utilizing his size advantage again, Dolf slow wears Marco down, dropping him to his knees before stepping over his back, locking his head between his massive thighs and squeezing with all of his power. Marcos face turns red as Dolf sinks down deeper and rolls to the floor, tightening the headscissors hold while flexing his massive arms. Grasping his own thighs with his massive hands, Dolf using his upper body strength to press his legs together harder as Marco grunts and groans in agony. Desperate to turn the tables, Marco counters the hold, rolling out, turning Dolf onto his stomach, and mounting him with a submission hold. Really pulling out off the steps, Marco folds Dolf in half, locking his legs up over his head, tying him into a human pretzel! Marco demands Dolf tap, as Dolf screams in a pain before fighting out of the hold and locks on an arm submission of his own, almost pulling Marcos shoulder right out of the socket. With one arm trapped between his thighs, Dolf grabs Marcos other arms, stretching his pecs and shoulders beyond with limit and forcing a tap out. Mounting Marco yet again, Dolf applies a vicious keylock submission hold, ripping at Marcos arm while demanding a tap out. Can Marco hold on? And in what shape is that shoulder in after the unrelenting assault by Dolf?