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Marco puts Dolf in a sleeper at ThundersArena Wrestling

Marco vs Dolf - No Holds Barred 109

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

“You got a little bigger though, buddy – you’re lookin’ pretty thick!”

It’s not often that Marco dishes out a compliment, but even the resident Bad Boy can’t help but notice that Dolf has put on even more muscle, looking thicker and more powerful than ever!  Decked out in red trunks (that perfectly encase his muscle-ass!), Dolf is a walking powerhouse of skill, strength and pure power – anyone stepping on the mats with him should look out!  Marco seems unconcerned though, oozing confidence in his customer rainbow-coloured trunks.  “I’m kind of a big deal here at Thunder’s – I can do whatever I want!”  The two men shake hands and the match begins!  Marco starts straight in with the trash talk – “Why are your hands sweaty?  You nervous?”  Dolf knows all about Marco’s penchant for head games and, brushing the comment aside, goes in for the lock-up.  Dolf goes for the legs, but Marco is ready for him and blocks, manoeuvring the musclehunk into a choke hold from behind!  Marco switches to a full nelson, dragging the bodybuilder to his feet, before clamping on a rear bearhug!  But Dolf’s physique isn’t just for show – he POWERS out of Marco’s bearhug, whirling around to apply one of his own!  A look of fear and agony passes over Marco’s face as Dolf’s meaty arms crush the breath out of him!  Dolf lifts Marco off the mat, swinging him from side to side!  Dolf pauses to catch his breath – big mistake!  Marco seizes the opportunity to escape and slap on another choke hold, weakening Dolf enough to apply a front Bearhug!  Marco cinches it on as tight as he can, his forearms digging hard into Dolf’s ribs.  Marco releases the hold and Dolf drops to the mat like a stone!  Marco follows him down, trapping his arms and turning him over into a sleeper hold!  “I can put you right out if I want to!”  Dolf struggles, but Marco isn’t done yet – he grabs Dolf’s leg and pulls back HARD in a single-leg crab!  The confident Marco let’s Dolf get to his feet for another lock-up – this time Dolf manages to take Marco down to the mat where he wraps his massive arms around Marco’s neck!  Dolf switches his attack to Marco’s prized abs, flexing and posing over him as he presses his foot into Marco’s midsection!  But for a dirty wrestler like Marco, this just leaves him open for a shot to the balls!  Dolf goes down, but he’s not out yet!

The two men lock up again, this time with Marco getting on top and raining blows down on Dolf’s abs!  Marco sits Dolf up, stepping over him for a STANDING HEADSCISSOR, before taking the hold to the mat!  But again, Dolf uses his incredible strength to prise Marco’s legs apart before slapping on a crippling Ankle Lock that has Marco screaming and slapping the mat in agony!  Round One goes to Dolf, but this match is far from over!  Headlocks, ball claws, sleeper holds, savage croctch shots, spine-warping backbreakers and so much more!  Can Marco come back and hand the muscleman a defeat, or will he be dominated by Dolf’s thick muscle?  Can Dolf defend against the dirty tactics of Marco, or will the Bad Boy of Thunder’s claim another victim?  Who will be left standing?