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Chris Rockway vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 234

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Mr. Mike's Christmas Surprise 2022

World Famous Adult Film star - Chris Rockway has joined the roster at Thunders!  Very few fans of Chris knew he was a 4x All - American high school championship wrestler!  His current love though is for jujitsu as his passion is to get on the mat to practice submission holds on bigger guys he can get to submit.  He has been doing jujitsu for several years now and has currently attained purple belt status. Chris loves to make other men submit on the mat and we are looking forward to seeing his intensity.

After Chris Rockway got to show off his submission wrestling skills against Silas. Dom9 asked Mr. Mike if he could do a no holds barred match to get his hands on a "REAL Pornstar"!  Dom9 wanted to see how tough Chris could act if he was wrestling someone with "other skills" of distraction on the mat. Dom9 was begging to get his hands on Chris, why?

Well it seems he had a secret he wanted to tell Chris to see if he could get Chris to agree to wrestle for some "secret high stakes"...

Is Dom9 getting his secret Christmas wish with Chris?  You've got to watch this to believe it!  One of the years most sexy matches we have filmed this year with an electric tension in the air, you can see and feel....very powerful stuff!  Don't miss it!