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Steel vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 145

$ 34.36
$ 39.95

Darkness falls over the arena as a sinister world of pain, torture, and DOMINATION is about to be revealed, introducing Dom9! The leather-bound behemoth pumps iron waiting for his victim as Steel walks in shaking his head in disbelief, "Your forms a little bit off. I thought you'd know how to lift weight!" Enraged, Dom9 rises to his feet, "What's wrong with it? Look, it's perfect form!" "Your arms would be bigger if your form was better. Let me show you how to do proper form!" Steel picks up the 190 pounder across his beefy chest CURLING him with ease up and down over and over dropping him to the mat. "You kidding me!" His blood boiling, Dom9 snaps pushing the muscle stud away and delivers a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and crushing rear bearhug. "My ribs!" groans Steel as his bones begin to splinter powerless to escape the clutches of the master of pain. "You don't feel big and bad now!" taunts the dominant behemoth as he drops his helpless victim and wraps his powerful python around his throat. "Your bicep's too big!" gasps Steel struggling to stay conscious as he's rolled over for crippling camel clutch. Dom9's insatiable thirst for torture is just beginning STRETCHING out the burly bodybuilder as he crumbles to the mat! "Get up, let's go!" orders the behemoth driving his foot deep into Steel's chiseled back then hoists him up for an agonizing belly to belly bearhug SQUEEZING tighter and tighter! "Ahh my back, put me down!" begs the muscle beast; his screams only fueling the tormentor's power. The broken vet collapses to the floor as Dom9 flexes overhead, "I'm not done! Did I tell you to move? No!" Steel tries getting up but is kicked back down as a barrage of vicious elbow drops fall from the sky CHIPPING away at his rock-hard abs. Barely able to catch his breath, the bodybuilder moans, "Small biceps!" Rage coarses through Dom9's veins as he drops to his knees CHOKING the vet with his meathook hands, "What? Say it again!" "Your biceps are small!" whimpers Steel as the master of pain wraps his powerful arm around his throat, "Small huh?" "I can't breathe!" The muscle beast nearly passes out, motionless on his back as Dom9 flexes. "I didn't realize how small your chest is!" mocks Steel. "Did I say talk? Shut the f*** up!" All hell breaks loose as Dom9 UNLEASHES his house of horrors: bearhug, half nelson, elbows to the abs, vicious hammerlock, an over-the-knee back breaker! The injured beast rolls away to escape the torture but is dragged back, "Stay on the mat! Did I say move?" "I'm done! Please, let me go!" Agonizing screams fill the arena as the devious behemoth locks his tree-trunk quads around Steel in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! The blood quickly rushes from the bodybuilder's face; Dom9 slaps his beefy legs increasing the pain and drags his prey down for a grueling leg sleeper. Completely MANHANDLED, the bodybuilder is rolled face first on the mat with the sleeper locked in tight! "Eat that mat!" orders the master of pain; his victim pinned under his hulking frame. "Ahh my head, put your fat a** away!" Steel is in trouble as his torture gets much, much worse: brutal leg stretches, a bow & arrow, gut punches, forearms blows, leg drops, stomps to the abs! "You done yet?" taunts Dom9. Barely moving, the muscle beast pleas with his captor, "Let me get up and get the f*** out of here!" A dark, TWISTED game of cat and mouse begins as the devious behemoth lets his victim try to escape while tearing him apart limb by limb: a meathook clothesline, scissor/sleeper combo, Boston crab, devastating torture tack! "I'm gonna snap please!" "That's the whole point; you ain't going nowhere!"