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Dom9 vs Cap - Battlespace 147

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

ATTENTION: This 30 MINUTE match features a lot of muscle worship wrestling. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Cap is sleeping on the couch as Dom9 thinks it would be funny to wake him up with a surprise match. Dom9 has his way with Cap, stripping him out of his clothes while grabbing handfuls of pecs. As Dom9 walks away thinking he had his fun, Cap comes from behind and puts Dom9 in a sleeper dragging him down the hallway into the bedroom. He puts Dom9 down in bed and sleepers him out. An angry Cap goes to tell Dr. Pretty Boy that he needs to keep people away from him and to enforce the rules that Cap is not the man to be played with. A hesitant Dr. Pretty Boy feels the wrath of a worked up Cap. He bullies Dr. Pretty Boy and turns his aggression into a beatdown. Dom9 soon wakes up and decides to stand up against the bully. The match quickly moves to the mat room as Cap fireman carries Dom9 there. Dom9 gets an idea that he and Cap should film their session together with his camera from earlier. The match turns into a back and forth, muscled up, sweat session. Both men taking full advantage of the glistening, pumped up muscles of the other while they wrestle making sure to feel each and every move they do. Taking time to flex in between the mat action, both men use every dirty trick in the book to distract the other. The alpha posturing shows glimmers of admiration as each muscle stud gets the upperhand over the other. Dom9 moves the camera throughout the match making sure that he films each move at the right angle for his personal film collection.