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Dom9 vs Meaty - Mat Rats 145

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Run Time: 35 Minutes

The camera starts focused on Meaty talking directly to the fans. He tells all about how he is back into fitness and starting to model and wrestle again. He shouts out his accolades and his onlyfans account. What he doesn't see is that Dom9 has been listening this whole time. When Dom is over it he intervenes and starts spewing insults at the new rookie. When Meaty has had enough verbal abuse he lifts Dom up over his shoulder and carries him to the mat room. He drops him down and flexes over him telling him to stay down. He isn't prepared when Dom reaches up and grabs a tight ball claw! Dom tosses him aside, takes off his shorts, and jumps on Meaty ready to go! He quickly gets Meaty in a schoolboy pin. "YOU'RE GONNA TAKE IT ROUGH AND LIKE IT!" Meaty fights back flipping Dom over, but that doesn't last long with Dom flipping him back in position before smothering him in his pecs. Meaty uses his strength and size to turn the table and get Dom in a rear sleeper. He then uses his legs to head scissor his opponent. Dom uses a dirty move and uses his HEAD TO LOW BLOW Meaty! He then yanks him up "YOU'RE GONNA GIVE ME SOME RESPECT...BEFORE I MAKE YOU MY LITTLE B*TCH, DAAAADDYY!" Both studs go back and forth using bearhugs, ab stretches, side headlocks, camel clutch holds, dirty moves, ball claws, and even TICKLING to counter one another. The brutal matchup goes back and forth getting heated as each man one ups the other. The tone switches when Meaty puts his fingers in Dom's mouth and fish hooks him and Dom BITES DOWN on his fingers! Meaty punishes Dom by making him muscle worship his body. When Meaty feels he has been worshipped enough he grabs a ball claw on Dom. That only pisses Dom off and he moves in ball clawing Meaty back and locking in a tight rear sleeper hold! Did Meaty take it too far and seal his own fate?