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Dom9 vs Sparrow - No Hold Barred 198

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Sparrow and Dom9 are stretching out on the mat getting ready for their match. Dom tells Sparrow he appreciates how much he has learned from him in the past, but he is probably better than him now. A back and forth lead to an argument. A rare moment shows an angry Sparrow raise his voice to Dom. Sparrow has had enough and just attacks Dom. Tackling him straight into the garage door. He then takes advantage and grabs a handful of a dirty trick on Dom. An out of control battle for dominance leads to Dom on top of Sparrow humiliating him and sitting on his face. That is until Sparrow decides he wants a turn on top and uses his momentum in an impressive body roll to find himself in the dominant position. Sparrow continues with the dirty tricks to punish Dom. Using his weight and experience, Sparrow starts to enjoy himself some now that he has control. Dom fights back again returning the favor with dirty tricks and really taking it to Sparrow. The match quickly turns to muscle worship with Sparrow really getting into owning Dom. Sparrow shows off his wrestling experience rolling his opponent around on the mat and using holds and pins to keep control. Then throwing in dirty tricks and games to punish and humiliate his opponent. But Dom is not one to sit around and let his opponent have fun, and he volleys the dirty tricks and humiliation. Both men fight to keep momentum and it is apparent the heated beginning of the match is shifting to an intense game of cat and mouse. High intensity and fast action shifts to slow muscle worship and agonizing holds with both wrestlers attempting to control where and how the match will go. Really pushing the boundaries of Thunders Arena standards, Dom and Sparrow go further and further until exhaustion sets in. A break in the action leads to one man quickly forcing himself on the other and passing him out. Who will come out on top?