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Kuma vs Dom9 Part 2 - No Hold Barred 193

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Kuma vs Dom9 

Part 2

Kuma is sitting in the office waiting for his match with a pair of small wrestling trunks in his lap. Dom9 walks in with a collection of trunks and asks which pair Kuma wants. When he says he has a pair and Dom notices that those are his, he snatches them away from him telling Kuma those are the ones he is wearing and he will just have to find a different pair. The two chesty muscle studs walk out at the same time and bump into each other in the hallway. Kuma is trying to make his way to the mat room, but Dom has a different idea and lures Kuma into the bedroom he calls "The Dungeon." They both tie up struggling against one another into the bedroom until Dom tosses Kuma onto the bed and jumps on top of him. A short fight leads to Dom sitting over Kuma's face as he helplessly tries to push the thick thighs and glutes off of him. The grinding quickly slides off the bed. Dom grabs Kuma's ankles, spreads his legs, and pushes his heel in between Kuma's massive thighs. While doing this, Dom notices Kuma's pecs already look pumped up and relents his move to go down and feel them. Kuma takes advantage of the distraction and flips Dom over and sits on his back while rubbing his face into the carpet. Dom shows off his power getting his legs under and standing up with 230 lb. Kuma on his shoulders. The action moves out of the bedroom and into the living room when Dom carries Kuma through the house and before he can be thrown down Kuma fights off Dom's shoulders over the couch. Dom leaps over the couch and slams into Kuma tying him up. The meaty slap of their muscles echoing through the house. Kuma gets the advantage and schoolboy pins Dom into the couch shoving his head in between the cushions. Then he turns around, shoving his ass in his face and spreading out his legs. Pinned down Dom yells out "F*ck if we are gonna do this, at least give me one hand!" Dom uses his freed hand to muscle worship the abs and chest of Kuma. Kuma seems to enjoy it and gives Dom his other hand to do the same. A break gives Dom the edge when he locks in a full nelson before throwing Kuma away on the couch that nearly tips over. Dom is unaware flexing for the camera until he notices and launches into Kuma and fully flips over the couch. The wrestlers land in a position with Dom sitting over the chest of Kuma. He then makes Kuma feel his abs and mammoth thighs. Using their momentum, the couch then flips back over giving Kuma a different angle to admire and feel Dom's defined muscle. When Kuma bends Dom in half and puts him in an uncomfortable position, Dom pulls out a dirty ball claw to make Kuma release the painful move. Kuma yields his position but doesn't give Dom a break jumping on him and spreading him out in a wrestling stance. Dom fights back shoving his hips into Kuma's popping him up and down. Kuma isn't going to get off this ride that easily, though. Taking a break to catch their breath, a muscle worship session between the two, now sweaty, meatheads is cut off when Kuma seizes an opportunity shove Dom into a head scissors and slowly begins to cut off his air supply. Attempts to fight out are crushed by Kuma, until a crafty Dom gets a position to distract Kuma, pulling his wrestling trunks to the side exposing Kuma's striated glutes before wheelbarrow carrying him off to the third location of this match, the mat room. Keeping hold of Kuma's legs, DOM EXPLOSIVELY LIFTS KUMA STRAIGHT UP FROM THE WHEELBARROW POSITION. Holding him with brute strength, Dom keeps this modified bearhug locked in while Kuma vulnerably can't do anything to fight risking dropping straight onto his face. Dom drops Kuma after a fight before picking him back up into a fireman carry over his shoulders. In a phenomenal scene, Dom licks Kuma's upper thigh wanting to taste the sweat! This pushes the line for Kuma and he has had enough. He viciously begins to ELBOW DOM IN THE FACE OVER AND OVER. A stunned Dom drops Kuma and Kuma immediately turns around and picks up Dom in the same fireman carry. With the marks from Kuma's elbow still on his face, Dom returns the favor using sharp elbows to the face to make Kuma drop him. Dom then takes over the match, putting Kuma on the mat and sprawling him out while grinding his sweaty body over Kuma's. Stretching him out, Dom starts slamming Kuma's shoulder into the wrestling mat attempting to injure his opponent. Kuma will not give up and stands man to man with Dom, tying up and doing the exact same move by slamming his shoulder in the mat in an even more brutal manner. Taking his time to flex over Dom's injured body, a kick to the abs sets Kuma off and he locks Dom into a camel clutch. However, Dom is not one to back down from a challenge and fights back hard. The two alpha males go back and forth until one man can't take anymore and taps out!

Who will win part 2 of 2021's rivalry of the year?