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Regan vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 195

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Dom9 is following up with Regan after his first few matches and getting his contract signed with Thunders Arena. But, he thinks Regan really needs to "Man Up" Thunders Arena style. After Regan gives an unsure answer about what he means, Dom9 grabs him by his pecs and shows him exactly what "Man Up" means here. After a bit of manhandling, Dom9 ties Regan up and begins a lesson in what he is going to need to do to be a star at Thunders Arena. He is quickly distracted about the size of Regan's legs and begins a side course in muscle worship wrestling. Regan catches on quickly and picks up Dom up before dropping him in a back breaker. While he is stretched out, Regan starts to feel the muscles under Dom's shirt, pulling it up and getting a view he has wanted since him and Dom started training together. He can't help but to blurt out "I think I'm starting to like this job." Dom decides he has had enough pain and climbs up to lock Regan in an abdominal stretch before shoving his head down between his legs causing Regan to fight and kick the garage door HARD. Dom throws him down to put in a schoolboy pin and grab the striated glutes on Regan. However, Regan isn't going to just take it and wants to give it a bit of his own. Bending over Dom, Regan gets a handful of his own. After a struggle, Regan lifts Dom upside down..which is not a good idea if you are trying to keep Dom calm. He instantly SNAPS. Tearing off his shirt and using it as a weapon to pull Regan in within an inch of their lips touching, and angrily telling Regan "DON'T EVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN." The mood quickly changes and Dom begins to humiliate Regan with a mean ball claw. He then uses his ripped off sweater to jerk Regan's face into his crotch and repeatedly make Regan say "I F*CKING LIKE IT!" muffled out because of the position and proximity his face is in between Dom's thighs. Pulling his head back and grabbing a TIGHT handful of Regan, Dom continues to force Regan to tell him he likes it over and over and over. A series of gut punches, leaves the rookie open to some muscle worship against his will before he shows he is learning what Dom wants, and grabs a ball claw of his own. Then when Dom returns the favor, Regan really gets into it, grabbing another handful while Dom slaps Regan on his glutes to make him let go. He rushes Regan and grabs another dirty trick with Regan doing the same. Both men have tight holds of the other before they agree to let go together. A short breaks leads to some rolling on the mat and an aerial shot of Regan doing sit ups while on top of Dom. He goes all the way up and over a schoolboy pin to a pushup position with Dom underneath fighting for air through his thighs. After struggling from underneath the thighs and abs of Regan, Dom pops up to lock in a head scissors, then stepping underneath to lock in a full nelson to a half nelson, then to a bearhug making sure to get plenty of times to grab pecs and abs. He then picks up and drops Regan into a backbreaker and a HARDCORE session of muscle worship begins (we will see if you can make it past this part of the match). After agonizing through (or enjoying) Dom's session, Regan pulls a quick move to lock him in a vice-like front facing head scissors. You can see the quads on Regan flexing in order to try and finish Dom off. After and INTENSE fight, Dom breaks free by smashing Regan's abs with his fists. Picking the sweaty man off the floor, Dom pulls in Regan for a chest to chest bearhug squeezing as hard as he can before deciding "I know where we are going." He bearhugs Regan out of the mat room, through the Thunders hallway making sure to keep squeezing Regan the entire way before arriving in the bedroom. Dom keeps on a tight bearhug throwing himself and Regan onto the bed before thrusting in tighter and tighter. The grunts from this scene alone make for a muscle worship session that will rank at the top of Thunders Arena lists for years to come! Dom insists the rookie stop struggling, which causes Regan to question whether this is part of the match. Dom answers "Mr. Mike doesn't need to know..." Regan holds off as long as he can until he has to submit. Dom gives him a short release before locking him back into a sleeper and continuing his session against Regan's struggles and questions. The shady actions continue in the bedroom until an alarm goes off. Dom hops up exclaiming it is time for his third meal of the day, and KNOCKS REGAN OUT WITH A SINGLE PUNCH. Will that be the end of the bedroom session, or will Dom get his meal and come back to finish his lesson?