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Rome vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 177

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Rome is flexing and Dom9 comes in sizing him up. Rome is cocky and takes control of the match easily locking Dom up in a rear sleeper. Dom doesn't back down easily "COME ON BIG BOY YOU CHOKE LIKE A B*TCH!" Rome gets the hold in tighter until Dom fights out and jumps on top of Rome locking his arms behind his back and thrusting into his opponents backside. Rome throws him off then picks him up with one hand by the neck and lifts him in a massive choke lift! He then jumps down into a schoolboy pin and flexes over Dom while talking trash. When Dom finds Rome's power is too much, he decides to start cheating in order to win and he uses a brutal ball claw that stuns Rome! Now Dom is having fun! But he lets down his guard flexing for the camera. Rome throws him down and Dom goes back to fighting dirty. He then locks the bodybuilder into a head scissors using his perfectly sculpted quads! Rome throws him off and then plays a little dirty himself. When both men stand back up Dom delivers a few HARD LOW BLOWS and takes Rome to the mat. He jumps into a no holds barred style schoolboy pin and flexes. Rome is not prepared for how dirty Dom is fighting and Dom pulls out another brutal ball claw from behind the bodybuilder! He then crossfaces his opponent and grinds into him. Rome displays his sheer power and stands up with the 210 pound Dom on his back! He lifts him into a tight chest to chest bearhug as Dom fights for air. Dom is thrown down and he tells Rome to sit down and take a breather. He then straddles the bodybuilder a steamy muscle worship session goes down. The wrestling starts again as Dom smothers Rome in his pecs and locks in! Both bodybuilders brutalize each others bodies with over the knee back breakers, bearhugs, head scissors, hard low blows, tight ball claws, BIG lift and carry moves, and AN EPIC ENDING THAT YOU WILL NOT SEE COMING!