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Simpson vs Dom9 - 4K09

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

It's hot action, dirty tricks, and muscle worship in this battle for domination! Fresh off their pool match, Simpson confronts Dom9 ready for round #2. A flex off has both wrestlers worshipping each other's rock-hard muscle as Dom9 takes control. "You just gonna feel me up, or are we gonna fight?" yells Simpson. Dom9 is shoved away as a quick tie-up turns erupts into a vicious hammerlock battle. Simpson and Dom9 try to break each other's arms and take the action down to the mat. Groaning in pain, Simpson is wrapped in a rib-cracking body scissors. Dom9 feverishly worships Simpson's tight body and squeezes his ass harder and harder! The steamy showdown is interrupted as Simpson suffers vicious ball claws. In agony, the enraged Simpson recovers and battles back with a tight banana split and painful pin. "I'm the dominant one here! I'm gonna make you call me master!" threatens Simpson. Dom9 escapes as both wrestlers use their quads of steel in a crushing head scissors battle. Squeezed tighter and tighter, Dom9 and Simpson fight to stay conscious as the blood rushes from their brains. Both wrestlers struggle to their feet and tie-up in a massive mercy challenge. Simpson breaks away for a belly to belly bearhug as Dom9 groans in pain and collapses to the mat. Things get hot and heavy as Dom9 and Simpson roll around and mount each other tight in a sexy struggle for the top. The battle for domination continues with dirty tricks, gut punches, head scissors, and a shocking finish! "Make you my bitch and a little more!" laughs the maniacal winner.