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Sparrow vs Dom9 - 4K10

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

#1 Best Seller September 2020

Tight bodies, tiny trunks...this steamy lesson in muscle worship will leave you breathless! Sparrow enters the arena ready to teach Dom9 the dirty tricks of his trade. "Loosen up; there's no referee. We just play around a little bit!" coaches Sparrow. Dom9 is pulled in close as the wrestlers wrap each other in their arms and explore their tight bodies. The sexy muscle worship lesson continues down on the mat. Dom9 mounts Sparrow's chest pinning him down as Sparrow feverishly worships Dom9's chiseled back and beefy pecs. The moans and groans get louder and louder until a smothering surprise has one wrestler struggling for air! "Are we still doing wrestling moves?" asks Dom9 ready to unleash his dark side. Sparrow groans in pain as Dom9 wraps his quads of steel around Sparrow's skull in a crushing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Sparrow barely escapes, but the tortuous lesson continues. Ball claws, smacks to the ass, and intense muscle worship have both wrestlers breathing hard and heavy! "I created a monster; you remember who taught you!" yells Sparrow struggling to recover. The student quickly becomes the teacher as Dom9 shows Sparrow what true domination is all about. Down and dirty action leads to screams of pain, muscle worship, and a breath-taking finish!