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TheKid vs Dom9 - Mat Rats 139

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

It's a big vs little match so hot, so intense, a wrestler gets turned on and loses control! At the scales, TheKid weighs in as Dom9 laughs at his competition. "I can beat you up!" threatens the 111lbs rookie. Grinning ear to ear, Dom9 wraps the arrogant TheKid in a tight headlock and drags him to the mat for a painful lesson. TheKid is tossed down as Dom9 pec bounces and flexes his rock-hard biceps. Not backing down, TheKid joins in flexing and tries stealing the spotlight. Dom9 snaps and lifts the lightweight across his beefy chest using him for bicep curls. Powerless to escape, TheKid is slammed to the mat and ordered to muscle worship Dom9's tree-trunk quads and juicy ass. The dominant Dom9 continues toying with his tiny victim and challenges him to try for a pin but is easily overpowered. Desperate, TheKid tries for a reverse head scissors but is picked up for a grueling over-the-knee back breaker. TheKid screams in pain as Dom9 muscle worships TheKid's tight body before dropping him to the mat. The arrogant rookie struggles to his feet and tries more attacks but is quickly turned into Dom9's bitch. Gorilla presses, vicious leg stretches, and crushing belly to belly bearhug lead to a painful end and jaw-dropping smothering. One wrestler gets so turned on, he can barely finish the match!