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Tristan vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 206 Part 1

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

Tristan has been thinking about the first time him and Dom9 wrestled for over a year since it happened. He doesn't want to miss a chance to wrestle him again and so he stalks him to a hotel, bribes the manager to give him a key, and sneaks into his room. He slowly removes his clothes and quietly moves around the apartment looking for Dom. He finds him asleep. He attempts to feel him up in his sleep but he keeps bothering Dom's sleep. Eventually, he goes too far and Dom wakes up furious. He recognizes Tristan from last time and the two muscle studs slowly negotiate on what the next move will be. When Tristan says he just wants to continue from last time, Dom snatches him down into a headlock smothering him into his chest! He implies to Tristan that since he wants it so bad, then his room should be paid for. Tristan refuses and Dom kicks him off. Tristan will not give up or leave and goes in once again to worship Dom's muscles. Dom yanks him off the bed by his throat and begins to hit Tristan with HEAVY gut punches! He tells Tristan he will be paid. He puts Tristan in a side headlock and forces him down the hallway to his belongings. He takes Tristan's wallet and is disgusted by the amount of money that he offered. He puts him into a head scissors before throwing him down and throwing more gut punches into Tristan's abs. He then SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE! He forces him up and makes him put the money into his underwear and then throws him down the hall. He jumps on him in a schoolboy pin and tells him to do what he paid for. Tristan does just that and worships Dom's muscles before Dom takes him and puts him in an aggressive camel clutch hold. He then drags him across the carpeted hallway before making him worship even more. Dom decides he wants to lock up and wrestle more so he and Tristan lock up. He flips him around and locks in a tight full nelson. The pain and agony on Tristan's face shows flashes of pleasure as he is manhandled. Will he get what he paid for?