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Bear vs Dozer - No Holds Barred 36

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Bears big beefy muscles are sore. He stretches out on the mat in his tight square cut trunks, rubs his thick furry pecs and says he needs a body massage. Fortunately, big Dozer comes along, looking truly magnificent in his orange speedo. Being a huge side of muscle beef himself, Dozer admires Bears beefy muscle and understands what its like to need a good massage. He gives Bears upper body a quick rub and delivers a few punches to Bears abs, admiring how solid they are. Bear cant help but admire Dozers thickly muscled body and returns the favor with some massage some gentle punches to Dozers tree trunk legs. The mutual admiration continues as these two pose, wrestle and massage each other all at the same time. There is some pretty intense worship as these muscle hunks enjoy the massage and attention to their big powerful bodies, at the same time admiring the other guys size and muscle mass. But these guys are naturally competitive Alpha males, so each tries to dominate the other as they wrestle. There are some amazingly hot schoolboy pins by both of these big boys, with the guy on top having his pecs rubbed by the guy on the mat while he flexes. They slam their chests together while flexing their big pecs, in a show of mutual admiration and respect. They use headlocks and scissors to grind the other guys face into their own muscular body, each clearly enjoying the contact. Full nelsons, stretches, bear hugs, carries and victory poses all add to the steamy blend of massage and wrestling as they slowly work each other over. The ending is so incredibly hot, it has to be seen. Fans of beefy muscle and body worship need to see this one.