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Brian Cage camel clutches Dozer big arm bicep

Brian Cage vs Dozer - Ring Wars 16

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

#3 Best Seller Feb 2016

Dozer is back in the ring! And this time he is up against Brian Cage, a seasoned ring pro. Brian immediately starts making fun of Dozer and his shoes, seeing that he’s more of a mat wrestler than a ring guy. Dozer doesn’t care so much, he’s still a good wrestler, and he thinks he’s a lot bigger than Brian, so they start flexing and comparing muscles. They start flexing their massive quads and seeing who’s the most defined. After some more trash talking and flexing, they start to get right to business. Brian Cage gets around and starts to crush Dozer in a bearhug, but Dozer quickly flips it around and starts to get Brian into a bearhug instead. Both guys are quickly flipping around and getting out of the hugs, so Brian decides to switch it up, wrapping around Dozer’s arm and trying to break his wrist. Dozer isn’t done with trying to crush Brian with his superior muscles though, so this next bearhug, he picks Brian all the way off the ring so he can’t flip out and just starts crushing away. Brian’s not used  to being manhandled like this so he’s pissed off, once he’s let down he wraps Dozer in a killer headlock. Brian puts Dozer into a bow and arrow with his knee digging into Dozers back. Dozer manages to reach around and wrap Brian into a headlock and flip him off. He starts trying to choke the air out of Brian, but Brian manages to break free and get Dozer into a headlock instead. Brian’s choking Dozer out and about to pin him for a quick and easy match but Dozer doesn’t give up so easily. Once these two guys are back up and trash talking again, Brian’s getting sick of the back and forth. He’s the best there is and he should be dominating, and that’s exactly what he plans on doing. He’s had fun toying around with Dozer but it’s game over now. What sort of torture and torment does Dozer have in store for him now?