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Brute flaco torture rack submission hold submit big vs little lift and carry

Brute & Dozer vs Flaco - Rough & Ready 79

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

The Ultimate Big vs Little Match, 495lbs vs 150lbs!
We begin 1 on 1 with the 265lbs Brute taking on the 150lbs Flaco. "You really thought you were gonna come here and have a match with me? Look at you; look at me!" says Brute. "I think I can deadlift you. You're not even my 600 pound max!" says Flaco. Both flex their quads and arms. Brute still is in disbelief, "You're gonna have a match with me? What were you thinking?"
Brute GUT PUNCHES and THROWS Flaco to the mat. He locks in a TIGHT half nelson. "You gonna kick my ass huh?" mocks Brute. Big Brute makes him stand and locks in a full nelson. "It's not even tight!" says Flaco. "I was hoping you'd say that!" Brute does a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and YANKS Flaco's arms behind his back. The muscle beast goes back to back with Flaco, locks arms, and carries the 150 pounder on his back. "Ready to give up?" Flaco moans, "Not even close!...I can't even feel my arms. It hurts so much!" 
Brute picks Flaco up on his powerful shoulder in a BACK BREAKER. Flaco collapses to the mat, and Brute applies a back breaking CAMEL CLUTCH. "You're the guy whose gonna kick my ass huh?" mocks Brute.
Dozer walks in. "Why you picking on this little guy? This guy don't stand a chance and needs an ambulance!" Dozer sits down and wants to watch the match. Brute CHOKES Flaco with his own arm. "Not looking good for this guy!" says Dozer. Brute lays Flaco across his knees HURTING his back. The muscle giant pulls one of Flaco's arms between his legs CRUSHING his balls and CHOKES him with his other hand! 
Brute picks up Flaco in a TIGHT TORTURE RACK. "This is too easy!" says Brute as he transitions to a rear bearhug. Flaco looks like a child in Brute's BULGING biceps. 
Dozer starts undressing. "I share a common feeling like you. I don't like little guys in heavyweight rings." Dozer wants in on the action. "You saying I can't handle it?" asks Brute. Dozer GUT PUNCHES Flaco. 
Time for a 2 on 1 match! We got the 265lbs Brute + the 230lbs Dozer vs the 150lbs Flaco. That's 495 POUNDS OF ROCK HARD MUSCLE ready to destroy this kid!
All three begin flexing. "We're gonna turn you into a monster, but first, we have to break you down!" says Brute. The 2 muscle giants GUT PUNCH Flaco at the same time. Brute holds Flaco as Dozer gut punches him. Dozer headlocks Flaco as Brute gut punches also. "Bad day for this guy!" says Dozer. "This is not good!" says Brute. Dozer begins CHOKING Flaco by STEPPING on his throat! Big Brute puts Flaco in a MASSIVE Boston crab. Dozer straddles Flaco's back and YANKS on his head and neck. "What's gonna give first, your upper or lower?" asks Dozer. This is DOUBLE-TEAM DOMINATION! 
Flaco is passed out on the mat. "We're gonna turn this into a clinic. I'm gonna teach you my patented bearhug!" Brute picks up Flaco in RIB-CRUSHING bearhug. "You think you got a better bearhug?" asks Brute. Dozer bearhugs Flaco from behind. "Man this guy's lite!" Brute takes Flaco from Dozer and puts him in an over the knee BACK BREAKER! "Break him down!" yells Dozer.
Brute passes Flaco to Dozer, and he does his own BACK BREAKER! "You still with me Flaco?" Flaco is PRACTICALLY UNCONSCIOUS! Brute wants to finish Flaco off with a TORTURE RACK! "This kid doesn't weigh shit! Do you wanna help out?" asks Brute, so Dozer joins in. Both muscle giants get back to back with each other and do a DOUBLE TORTURE RACK on Flaco CRANKING their victim harder and harder! Flaco COLLAPSES to the mat.