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Chase Dozer reverse bearhug tattoos arms abs

Chase vs Dozer - Bearhug Challenge 12

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Whoever has the most submissions by bearhug at the end of ten minutes is declared the winner in a bearhug challenge. Chase wanted to show off what he had learned while wrestling for other federations by taking on one of Thunder's big guys. Dozer was all to happy to oblige the "new kid" and quickly showed him that we do things a little differently here. The big guy easily gained the advantage and squeezed Chase in a rib-crushing hug before letting him go. Chase returns the favor in an impressive feat and manages to wrap his arms around the hug torso and thick arms of Dozer before actually lifting him off the ground. But Chase is not content to just return Dozer to his feet, no; instead he takes him to the mat and squeezes the big man between his thighs in an impressive body scissors. Despite the size difference, the two trade submission for submission which upsets Dozer. He loses his temper and chokes Chase, lifting him off the mat and slamming him up against the wall. Will the new guy be crushed on his first time out? Or will this "David" slay the "Goliath"?