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Dozer Python Chase Headlock Muscle Wrestling

Dozer & Python vs Chase & Ashton - Battlespace 76

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

A tag team match is a rare treat at Thunders arena, and this one is super hot, pitting two of the biggest muscle hunks on the roster, Dozer and Python, against two guys with totally hot, centerfold quality bodies, Chase and Ashton. Before the match, the teams each huddle. The two beefy musclemen agree that its all about the power. Their strategy is to dominate the pretty boys with their big, thickly muscled, powerful bodies. They laugh about how easy its going to be. Chase and Ashton huddle and try to sound confident, but they know its going to be tough to beat these two big bodybuilders. The match starts with Dozer and Chase. Dozer applies a side headlock and throws Chase down, easy and dominant. Chase taps to Ashton and Ashton tries repeatedly to get big Dozer in a hold. But Dozer is too much man and gets on top of Ashton. Its only when Chase comes in to help that Ashton able to escape. Chase pounds on Dozers back. Come on, you wanna see a fight? the smaller tough guy yells at huge Dozer. Chase tries a body scissors but Dozer taps out to Python. Python manhandles Chase while Dozer gives some humiliating trash talk. Who you reaching for? Dozer mockingly says to Chase as Python controls him. Chase taps Ashton who gets Python into a scissors and then a hold from behind. Chase tries to double team, pounding on Python. But it has no affect on huge Python. Python walks over to the laughing Dozer and taps his big partner. Dozer falls on Ashton and applies a headlock. Dozer taunts Ashton as he tries to tap Chase, who is out of reach. Amazingly, Ashton flips massive Dozer over his shoulder than delivers some elbow smashes to the big mans gut before tapping out to Chase. Chase sits on Dozers stomach and applies a double pec claw, but powerful Dozer easily throws Chase off. Chase grabs an arm and gives Dozer some gut punches. Then Chase taps Ashton and they double team the big beast. But Dozer powers out by simply standing up and taps Python. Python throws Chase over his shoulder as Dozer cheers him on. Python bounces Chase, flexes with his free arm and throws Chase down. Desperate for some relief, Chase taps Ashton. Python does a belly to belly on Ashton, then drops him to the mat and applies a headlock. Ashton taps Chase, who puts Python in an abdominal stretch. Python breaks out, and after working over Chase for a bit, he taps Dozer. While Dozer manhandles Ashton, Chase pounds Dozer on the back with some forearm smashes, but they have little effect. Ashton taps to Chase, but Dozer dominates Chase quickly, getting on his back and locking on a headlock, taunting the smaller guy, Wheres your boy at now Chase? Ashton pushes Dozer off and Chase locks Dozer in a head scissors. Dozer pulls his head out, taps Python, then holds Chases arms from behind while Python does some gut punches. When Python is done punishing Chases abs, Dozer throws Chase down and laughs. Then the two bodybuilders finish off the smaller guys, squeezing Chase and Ashton between their thickly muscled bodies in a giant bear hug. When the big musclemen break the hold, Chase and Ashton fall to the mat, totally beaten. Dozer and Python arrogantly flex over them, laughing at their domination of these two hot guys. Too much muscle for the little guys Dozer brags as the two body builders walk off the mat. If you enjoy watching some big muscled up dudes dominate two totally hot, but smaller guys, this is a video you don't want to miss. This is a 13 minute match, 4 wrestlers at one low price!