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Dozer archer full Nelson submission hold submit neck abs

Dozer vs Archer - Battlespace 72

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Big Dozer is lifting weights, doing 45 pounds with each arm. Cocky Archer is not impressed and takes a turn with the weights. Even Dozer, who is 240 pounds of beefy muscle, is impressed at the strength of the 150 pound Archer. Then Dozer lays on the mat for some more lifting, but the dumbbells arent enough weight for the big man. So he bench presses Archer, doing 20 impressive reps. Wanting to impress Dozer, Archer tries to bench press the big man. But all that muscle weight is too much and Archer manages to do only a half rep. After some posing by both guys, Dozer demonstrates his power by pressing Archer overhead for about twenty reps. Not surprisingly, when Archer tries to do the same to big Dozer, he cant get all that muscle beef overhead. Then Archer brags about his abs. This leads to three incredible rounds of each guy gut punching the other. Tough Archer handles Dozers powerful punches pretty well, but then he sneaks in a forearm smash to the Dozers thick chest. Dozer brushes it off as if it was nothing and then drops Archer to the mat with a forearm smash from his powerful arm. Dozer drags Archer to the center of the mat, smiling at the results of his own power, saying Im just getting started with you little man. It doesnt take long for Dozers power to dominate the little guy. Archer demonstrates some good moves on the mat, bragging about technique over power but Dozer eventually finishes off the tough smaller guy with a couple bear hugs and a full nelson. Its a super hot finish as Dozer does some victory posing, planting his foot on Archers chest and bragging about his own power.