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Dozer vs Bolt - Mat Wars 57

$ 25.00
$ 25.95


Brand new wrestler Bolt joins Thunder’s roster with a match against big bodybuilder Dozer. Bolt has been wrestling all through college and he is pumped and ready to go. Dozers size doesn’t scare him at all, Bolt is talking himself up, flexing and showing off his body, he says Dozer is pathetic and he’s taken down guys much bigger no problem. After Bolt’s done talking himself up, Dozer enters the ring and start showing off his own huge muscles, try to scare Bolt a little. The two guys are flexing, showing off their muscles, Dozer’s huge, but Bolt’s got muscles himself and still isn’t scared, even after seeing all the veins bulging through Dozer’s muscles. Dozer’s asking if he’s starting to regret challenging Dozer yet, but Bolt’s not afraid. Bolt starts right away, coming in strong, grappling Dozer and trying to knock him. He’s got Dozer on the mat and is trying to get a good hold of him when Dozer picks him up and flips him over his back! Dozer’s holding him a reverse headlock while Bolt’s struggling to break free. Dozer lets up a bit and Bolt goes right back into action! He manages to get Dozer up into a fireman’s carry and starts to show off his own strength, he repeatedly squats Dozer!! 230 pounds of pure muscle and Bolt squats him like it’s nothing! Dozer’s impressed, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to beat Dozer. Dozer knocks him to the ground and puts him into a schoolboy pin, he’s sitting on top of Bolt and flexing, Bolt may be strong but he’s got nothing on Dozer’s muscles. Bolt breaks free and starts body slamming Dozer, he moves like a flash getting Dozer slammed from all angles. He tries putting Dozer into a schoolboy pin himself, but Dozer is easily  able to knock him flying across the mat. Dozer’s flexing, showing his superiority in his ripped muscles. Bolt is feisty, he’s not giving him, Dozer starts picking him up, but Bolt wraps himself around and puts Dozer in a chokehold. Dozer’s neck is just too huge though, and Dozer flips him off like it’s nothing. Bolt never stops for long and he’s back at Dozer giving him some crushing bearhugs. Dozer flips him around and puts Bolt into a painful full nelson. Bolt’s screaming in pain, but he keeps trying to flex out of it. Dozer’s just too strong though and you can see Bolt getting more and more tired as he’s trying in vain to flex out of Dozer’s iron grip. Dozer picks him up into a fireman’s carry, and shows Bolt how to really squat a person. He tosses Bolt onto the mat and starts flexing. Bolt’s not to be outdone, and he catches Dozer off guard, picking him up and slamming him to the mat. He gets on top of Dozer and starts body slamming him again, hoping to wear Dozer out. Bolt’s got a ton of stamina and he says he’s just getting warmed up, he isn’t even feeling anything from Dozer! They go into a strength challenge, and Dozer starts absolutely crushing Bolts hands. Bolts struggling to stand up and fighting against the pain. He manages to break free just to be put into an intense ab stretch by Dozer. Dozer’s got Bolt all stretched out and Bolt’s in absolute agony! Dozer is gut punching his exposed abs hard and Bolts showing some signs of struggling. After Bolt is set free, he tries for another time to get Dozer into a choke hold, knowing he’s not going to beat him with strength. Dozer’s all strength and muscles. Bolt’s got tons of stamina and skill. Will Dozers muscles overpower the smaller Bolt? Or is Bolts quick stamina going to wear Dozer out in the end?