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Dozer vs Casey More - No Holds Barred 55

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

#1 Best Seller for November 2015

Warning this match is not a classic style wrestling match it is a muscle worship match.  There is flexing, domination, manhandling, one man is going to be made to feel and massage the other mans muscles.  Casey More or Moore, depending on how you spell it, is an up and coming gay porn star who wanted, no begged too, wrestle Dozer from our site.  He is a big fan of big muscles and you can see how much he appreciates how much hard work Dozer has put in the gym.  Dozers shows him no mercy as he traps him between those massive thighs and squeezes him tight in bearhugs and various scissor holds as Casey feels, squeezes, and tries to escape those powerful pecs, thighs, and arms.   This match is definitely fifty shades of domination.