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Dozer Eagle bodybuilder pecs chest abs

Dozer vs Eagle - Custom Video Series 29

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Dozer’s been shredding down for competition season, and he’s happy to show off how ripped he is. He’s posing and flexing for the camera when Eagle comes sneaking up behind and tickles him. ‘What the fuck man!?’ Dozer yells. Eagle’s asking aren’t you ticklish? And Dozer, clearly unhappy, is not happy to be disturbed during his posing time. Eagle starts posing as well and keeps reaching over to try and get Dozer to laugh from being tickled. Dozer’s getting really annoyed, telling Eagle he really needs to quit it out or he’s going to regret it. Eagle’s cracking up, having a great time flustering the big man with such childish tricks. Dozer says he’ll let him stay if he just works on his poses as well and stops messing around. They both start flexing again, but Eagle just sneaks over and tries to tickle Dozer another time, but he doesn’t make it, Dozer grabs hold of Eagle’s hand and flips him down to the ground. He wraps Eagle up in a body scissors and traps his arms in his leg. He starts crushing down on Eagle with his massive quads as hard as he can. While Eagle’s struggling against the power, Dozer reaches over and tickles Eagle a bit himself. ‘How do you like that Eagle?’ Dozer starts yelling. Not so cute it is Eagle? Eagle’s half laughing half screaming as Dozer is tormenting him and tickling him at the same time. Dozer thinks Eagle has finally learned his lesson, so he lets him up to continue on with his posing training. Dozer did nothing but get Eagle all riled up though! He attacks Dozer and mounts him from behind, squeezing Dozer into a standing head scissors where he has free range to tickle Dozer all he wants. Dozer’s flailing around, trying so hard not to laugh and getting pissed that he’s being humiliated like this. He finally breaks free and gives Eagle a hard shot to the nuts to knock him out. While Eagle’s in limbo, Dozer decides it’s time to put an end to this tickling business, and he brings out some ropes to tie Eagle down. What does Dozer have in store for poor Eagle?