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Dozer vs Eric Fury - Bodybuilder Battle 38

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Eric Fury loves to put down the other wrestlers and make them feel inferior. He decides this time he'll take it out on the rookie Dozer. Both wrestlers start to really dish out the smack talk and its decided to take it to the mat and find out who is really better than the other. But when Dozer turns his back for a quick moment Eric Fury goes in for the attack slamming Dozer down to the Mat. After some quick ground work, Eric starts to put the squeeze on Dozer. He soon finds out Dozer is not going to just lay there and take it and Dozer manages to squirm out and put his own squeeze on Eric. The two battle it out and seems to be a pretty even match in the beginning. Eric finally gets an ankle lock on Dozer and forces him to submit, but Eric isn't quite thru with him yet. After some humiliation to Dozer, Eric picks him up and slams him to the ground again and begins to work him over again. Dozer is not having it this time and spins Eric around in an attempt to get a hold on him, but Eric reverses the move and puts Dozer into a Body Scissor. Dozer manages to break free and put Eric into a cradle, then into a sleeper hold. Eric overpowers Dozer and puts him into a full spread stretching out Dozer's back. Eric decides to continue the humiliation with a school boy pin and then lets Dozer up just to Fireman carry him over into a hard slam. The power, muscle and brutality these two wrestlers show is incredible and makes for a great match. Who will ultimately come out on top as the better wrestler. Watch Bodybuilder Battle 38 to find out.