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Dozer Ivan Bodyscissors armbar submission arm hol

Dozer vs Ivan - Rough & Ready 78

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

rough, tough, brutal wrestling

Dozer’s beginning to say hello to everyone at Thunder’s when Ivan, the new Russian bodybuilder comes in and immediately starts attacking Dozer. Dozer’s caught off guard, he thought he’d be introduced and be able to talk with Ivan some, but Ivan’s all business, he’s ready to wrestle. Ivan knocks Dozer down to the mat and puts him into an arm bar and just starts slamming Dozer’s arm repeatedly. Dozer’s still caught off guard and screaming in pain, before he can even register what’s happening Ivan has Dozer up and bent backwards into a camel clutch! Dozer has had some time to figure out what’s going on and is able to flex his legs and flip Ivan off of him. Dozer starts body slamming himself down on top of Ivan to knock him out a bit before he starts his attack. Ivan’s a pretty big guy though and he isn’t going to let anything stop his rampage. These guys are going back and forth, picking each other up and slamming down onto the mat! Any chance they can get to grab hold of their opponent and slam them down on the mat, they’re doing it! This match is fast paced and full of action, no one’s taking any time to catch their breath or figure out their next move, one body slam straight into another. These guys are both huge and neither is well known for their cardio.They’re tiring out but neither guy is willing to give up. Dozer starts flexing for the camera, seeing if he can’t buy some time, but Ivan just starts gut punching him as hard as he can before Dozer throws himself at Ivan and picks him up into a crushing bearhug. Ivan doesn’t let anyone manhandle him, and he starts slamming his fists into Dozer until he’s released. Dozer tries another method and takes ivan down flat onto his back on the mat where he starts torturing Ivan’s legs and feet. Ivan starts screaming in pain and is yelling for Dozer to stop. He’s stuck like this and can’t find a way to hurt Dozer back. He starts to grab at Dozer’s leg, but Dozer’s ready, and starts kicking Ivan’s back. Ivan’s screaming so loud after taking those full force kicks from Dozer’s shredded legs. Dozer has the advantage finally and he does everything he can to keep it, he puts Ivan into a head scissors and starts crushing against his ears. Ivan’s face is stuck in between Dozers massive thighs and he can’t get a hold on Dozer to try and break out. Dozer’s loving finally getting Ivan pinned down in one place so he can breathe. But as soon as Ivan breaks out he’s right back at it! He picks Dozers up and starts crushing him in a bear hug. Dozer’s pissed he can’t figure out a way to escape like Ivan did, and Ivan just keeps squeezing harder and harder. Once Dozer’s out, Dozer starts flexing. Ivan is overheating and starts to strip down out of his wrestling uniform, and Dozer laughs at him while he’s flexing and waiting. This pisses Ivan off and Ivan charges Dozer and picks him clear up off the ground in a choke hold and starts shaking the life out of Dozer. These are two huge power tanks of men and they are going all out non stop against one another. Who’s going to come out on top?