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Dozer vs Jack Mchawk - Battlespace 25

$ 22.32
$ 25.95

Tell him Dozers coming for him right NOW! Dozer screams into the phone, the veins popping on his forehead. The next thing we see is Dozer choking Jack McHawk and dragging him to the Arena. I know what you did, Dozer growls. McHawk looks baffled, commanded to shut up every time he asks what he might have done or said to provoke Dozer to tear into him, hale him to Thunders Arena, and strip him down for more whoopass. Dozer pummels and chokes the man, daring him to fight back, then smashing him back down. When Jack starts to remember what might have pushed Dozer over the edge, he madly clambers to escape, but Dozer drags him back to the mat by his shorts. Spine-busting bearhugs and

shoulder-wrenching nelsons reduce the big Texan to a whimpering wretch. Not enough for Dozer, he backs the guy up to a post and smashes the mans rock-hard abs. But you can push McHawk only so far, and hes going to retaliate, and what starts as a squash turns into an even contest between two muscle beasts, and the fight doesn't end till one of them is choked clean out on the mat. What a comeback for Dozer! What a debut for Jack McHawk!