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Dozer vs Jersey - Rough & Ready 72

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

With Dozer in sleek silver posers and rookie Jersey in trunks, this match looks to be the Battle of the Bodybuilder and the MMA Fighter. Two contrasting physiques, each perfect for their chosen function, square off on the mat. Dozer is ready to prove that Philly is better than Jersey in every way, but the feisty rookie isn't having any of that smack talk. The two lock up, and Dozer immediately uses his massive size to drive Jersey to the mat, controlling the head.Dozer wraps his pythons around Jersey's torso, then his huge quads around Jersey's neck and head, and cranks it to stretch out Jersey's back. He gives Jersey's tight abs a smack for good measure. Jersey springs to his feet and right on top of Dozer, his arms around Dozer's waist, but Dozer deliberately rises to his feet in an impressive show of power. The two lock up again, and Jersey bearhugs Dozer, lifting the big man right off the mat in an impressive power move. He throws Dozer to the mat, and Dozer's dazed. He rises slowly and they lock up again. Dozer gets a full nelson on Jersey, who tries to power out, and manages to do so on the third attempt. They lock up once more, and Jersey hauls Dozer up onto this shoulders, but Dozer's mass forces Jersey to kneel, and then toss Dozer off. Jersey pulls Dozer by the ankle into the center of the mat and climbs on top of Dozer's chest, pinning his arms overhead. In a display of power, Dozer thrusts Jersey off. They lock up yet again, both men now winded and sweaty. Dozer drives Jersey's head down into the mat. Jersey retaliates with a knee to Dozer's gut. Dozer responds with a forearm smash to Jersey's back, and Jersey delivers another knee to the gut. Dozer's forearm smash hits the mark, but Jersey has had enough. He grabs Dozer in a full nelson and applies an ab stretch, coupled with a gut smash. Dozer hip tosses Jersey to the mat, rolls him onto his stomach, and climbs onto his back, applying a chin lock in an attempt to choke Jersey out. By now the guys are pouring sweat, and Jersey is suffering. Dozer rises, Jersey stunned and dazed. Dozer forces Jersey to flex for him, comparing biceps with his woozy opponent. Dozer squeezes Jersey's head between his huge quads and as Jersey suffers, Dozer poses. Dozer locks his ankles and really applies to pressure to Jersey's head, as his face turns purple and his eyes roll. But the sweaty conflagration allows Jersey to slip out of this vice grip and he has the presence of mind to grab Dozer by the ankles, and crank Dozer's shoulder and arm, wrenching his wrist into the small of his back. Jersey applies his own choke hold on Dozer, but Dozer rolls Jersey onto his back, applying his full weight on top of Jersey. He gets Jersey into a small package, and the crippling cradle takes its toll on the weakened rookie. With all his might, Jersey flips on top of Dozer, and pins his arms over his head. Dozer is amazed and powers out, tossing Jersey off, and getting to his feet first. He pushes Jersey to the mat, not allowing him to rise. Finally the two lock-up and Dozer smashes his forearm into Jersey's back. Jersey rises and smashes Dozer's back. He pulls Dozer to his feet but Dozer gets in another smash. Jersey digs deep and delivers another smash to Dozer's back, which lays him out on the mat. Jersey works Dozer's back in a chin lock`and in an attempted axe-handle, forces Dozer onto this back. A pec smash and bashes to Dozer's ribs and abs follow. Jersey rolls Dozer onto this back and into a painful spladle. Dozer tries to roll onto this stomach, but Jersey gets him in a choke hold. Jersey grabs Dozer's knees and drags him to the center of the mat- and right into a humiliating schoolboy pin. Jersey poses over the fallen behemoth. Dozer pushes Jersey off and goes to work on Jersey's shoulder and elbow, with one foot in his lower back. He really punishes Jersey's shoulder, and forcing him to flex, compares biceps with the rookie. Jersey staggers to his feet, nearly spent, nursing an injured shoulder. He dives low for Dozer's knees and upends the bodybuilder. But Dozer gets in a deep gut punch to Jersey's abs, knocking the wind out of him. Will Dozer continue to pound and punish his opponent? OR will this powerhouse rookie continue to stun and surprise Dozer and ultimately come out on top?